You will love these incredibly contemporary country homes

In this article, we have 2 incredibly contemporary country homes to reveal to you. Discover them to see how they will attract you..

There is a lot of debate in the design world about how modern-country look. It can be a simpler, more refined version of traditional country aesthetics; Warm paint, wood, and hand-made collections combined with clean lines and minimalist styles. We have 2 incredibly contemporary country homes to reveal to you this time..

#1: Tree House hotel rooms

The pointed and dark wooden roofs feature tree houses that Peter Pichler Architecture designed for a mountain forest in the Dolomites of northern Italy are perfect. The workshop - whose headquarters in Milan, led by Peter Pichler and Silvana Ordinas, designed the Tree House structures to be a hotel room, giving tourists the chance to connect with nature.

Ph. Peter Pichler Architecture

"The project is conceived as a 'slow down' form of tourism, where nature and the integration of architecture within it plays the primary role. We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed", said the studio.

The tree houses will range in size from 35 to 45 square meters. Each house will boast the same pointed roof aiming to repeat the form of fir trees and pine trees.

Ph. Peter Pichler Architecture

The structures will be constructed almost entirely from locally sourced pine and fir wood, while the cladding will be dyed black to blend with the surrounding environment. Each person will rest on a small concrete foundation, with additional structural support provided by the textured glass walls.

#2: Link Farm House

Located on a 220-acre site (89 hectares) in Dutchess County in Upstate New York - a rural area in the north of the city, The Link Farm House is surrounded by an organic farm with cows and cows. The house that acts as a rural house for a couple with three children who live mainly in Manhattan. With the beauty of natural surroundings, customers want a home with transparency and a strong connection to the landscape - but they also want privacy. This design is the result of Slade Architecture.

Modern-country look always attracts tourists / Ph: Slade Architecture

The firm in a project description said: "Rather than resolving this duality in a single object/condition, our solution allows these conditions to exist in a tangential relationship. In this Venn diagram, there is no overlap."

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