Will technology dominate the beauty market in 2019?

The word beauty tech broke into the beauty market in 2018 with numerous hardware and software innovations. Do you wonder if digital beauty still develope highly in 2019? The article will give you general information about this.

The trend of brands and retailers digitization

Digital beauty has been popular in the beauty market in recent years. It helps brands not only to expand their market but also increase sales dramatically. Some huge retailers, for example, Sephora, has been applied up-to-date beauty tech to grow rapidly.

The significant development of beauty tech

The beauty market witnesses the launch of many digital beauty gadgets in 2018. This is also what will happen in 2019, and with more and more beauty tech penetrating the market, it will influence customers’ buying habits strongly.

Ph: Neutrogena

Although there are doubts about the future of these beauty techs, will it be accepted or not, these innovative beauty techs will remain and be respected. Look at what is happening in the beauty digital world. We have skin scanners attached to a smartphone’s camera, wands that can treat your pigment spots, wearable skin censors tracking your pH level,..

Beauty E-commerce world

More and more consumers are interested in E-commerce in the beauty industry / Ph: Neutrogena

There is no doubt that we are shopping online more frequently. Even when the figure for beauty products decreases, the number of consumers shopping online still increases.

Digital beauty shopping gives consumers many benefits, including personalization, time-saving and energy-saving. To improve shoppers’ experience, brands have to invest in beauty techs. For instance, more convenient payment methods will help a lot to satisfy customers. Sales and SEO improvements will contribute to building consumers' trust and satisfaction, thus increase brands’ reputation and profits.

The year 2018 witnessed a lot of incredible beauty techs, and 2019 is forecasted to be so. If you are interested in beauty, let’s wait what innovations will come to the beauty industry in 2019.

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