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Why is mindfulness important?

August 02, 2019

Mindfulness is the practice concentrating on your present moment, which helps to reduce stress and bring you happiness. If you still do not believe in the miracle of mindfulness at work, the article will show you the reasons.

To answer the question “How to live a mindful life?”, it is necessary to understand its crux. Mindfulness is about letting go of all the attachments of what you should do or what you should not do. Thinking too much just makes you more stressful and of course, it is not good for your mental and physical health.

A mindful lifestyle brings many benefits, especially in the workplace. Many business owners realize the short term and long term benefits of mindfulness meditation and they successfully bring mindfulness meditation courses to their staffs.

Reduce stress

Mindfulness contributes greatly to stress reduction

So what are the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace? The first thing comes to my mind is stress reduction. These days, mindfulness has become a hot topic in the working environment as stress is the main reason which hinders staff’s productivity. 

According to a study carried out by The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, absenteeism is increasing due to stress. 80% of employees say that they are under stress and are seeking for peace of mind. That is the reason why many companies have developed mindfulness at work programs to improve this situation, including Google, Adobe, Goldman Sachs,…

Stimulate creativity

Mindfulness is natural state wellness which can boost creativity. As a business owner, you must understand how precious creativity is. By providing your employees different ways to practice mindfulness, you will speed up the process of producing new ideas because it will help liberate the brain from distractions.

Get information better

One of the mindfulness meditation benefits can be counted is the absorption of new information. Sometimes you employees can be overloaded with information. There is so much information to collect and analyze and it will prevent them from getting more information. It is the time that they should take a break from all the tasks to increase future learning ability.

We have answeres the question “Why is mindfulness important in the workplace?”. Mindfulness is not only a source of happiness to your employees but also helps to improve business overall performance. Following Vuhes daily for more updates about mindfulness at work.

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