Which is mindfulness and meditation retreat in Switzerland you should consider?

June 27, 2020

Mindfulness and meditation has become more popular than ever before because of the science-based benefits it can bring. If you are in Switzerland, here are the best mindfulness and meditation retreat you should take on.

Many people choose meditation to stay peaceful and calm as well as finding their inside beauty and health. Meditation, thus, becomes one of the hottest health and beauty trends. If you are in the beautiful country of Switzerland or you are traveling to this country for meditation, you can consider taking on these retreats.


4 days alpine magic yoga meditation retreat in Switzerland


Address: Engadine, Switzerland


Which is mindfulness and meditation retreat in Switzerland you should consider?
Guests can take on all yoga meditation and meditation classes, including chakra meditation, zen meditation as well as yoga meditation,../ ph: pexels@Life Of Pix


This yoga meditation retreat real estate is perfectly suited you if you want to find mindfulness whether in yoga meditation, hiking, or exploring. You can admire the beauty of the mountains and let the fresh air with the smell of herbs and fir trees in your hair. You will wake up with the breathtaking forest around, appreciate delicious food, enjoy the alpine décor and architecture.

Spending 4 days with the international instructor and you can learn how to find peace and mindfulness in your mind and your soul. Guests can take on all yoga meditation and meditation classes, including chakra meditation, zen meditation as well as yoga meditation,... The spa at the hotel is open for guests in the afternoon and evening and it is where you should head for if you are a natural beauty lover. Not only can you get hair and beauty treatments and try natural cosmetic products but you also can admire the natural luxury beauty because the hotel is by the side of the mountain and surrounded by breathtaking sight.
Your day in the meditation retreat will start at 7.30 am with morning yoga and meditation practice at the hotel spa. The yoga meditation and meditation retreat, which is designed by the founder of Sparkling Yoga Retreats Elena Mironov, aims at finding the true organic beauty inside us. Elena Mironov is a professional in this field with her background in psychology, yoga meditation teaching.
The luxury real estate offers many yoga meditation classes such as pranayama, yoga asanas, chakra meditation, zen meditation, yoga meditation and meditation retreat. Of all them, never miss yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) because it can help you feel restful and restorative. The afternoon yoga and meditation practice will start at 4pm in the village yoga space. And after enjoying your dinner at about 6pm, you have free time to use the spa and saunas as well as experience wellness massage there. The hotel has a pretty spa with a steam bath, sauna with a panoramic view, relaxation room and a massage therapist who you can seek for a healthy wellness massage.


4 days of yoga and hiking in Ticino, Switzerland


Address: Faido, Switzerland


Which is mindfulness and meditation retreat in Switzerland you should consider
Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, aiming at seeking mindfulness, inner beauty, and health / ph: pexels@Noelle Otto


This yoga and meditation retreat in Faido of Switzerland is the one you should never miss if you have a chance to visit this country. Faido has always been famous for its energy centers and a yoga path. This is a path in the wood where guests can take a walk, practice asanas and enjoy the fresh environment. Taking on this yoga and meditation retreat, you will get two yoga classes a day and one daily meditation session, which is especially suitable for your need.

Besides, if you love to move, you can also take on hiking trips and daily short hikes to fulfill your demand while admiring the most beautiful Swiss mountains and breathtaking views.
This Ticino retreat has a beautiful room for yoga classes, in which you will practice Hatha yoga at 9am and Vinyasa yoga at 4pm. The meditation class will start at 8:30 am, right before the Hatha yoga class. Guests coming here for meditation and yoga will take on classes exclusively designed by Sabrina Marr who is the daughter of the Swiss Alps and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. She believes that yoga, meditation and a healthy diet are the foundation of her wellbeing and is desperate to share her wealth of knowledge with her guests.
During the 4-day yoga and meditation retreat, you will enjoy meals prepared on-site. As Faido is located in the Italian part of Switzerland, you might find the taste of Italian in the meal because its cuisine is inspired by Italian cuisine.


Why you should practice mindfulness and meditation?


Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, aiming at seeking mindfulness, inner beauty, and health. People love to take on meditation retreat because of the science-based benefits it can bring.


1- Practice mindfulness and meditation help reduce your stress


If you are always under stress, it is suggested to practice yoga and meditation to seek peace and mindfulness. We all know that mental and physical stress will lead to the increased stress hormone cortisol. This leads to the release of cytokines – inflammation-promoting chemicals.


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As a consequence, your sleep will be disrupted, depression and anxiety level will increase, along with an increase in blood pressure, contributing considerably to fatigue and cloudy thinking. A study carried out on eight weeks looked into a meditation style called mindfulness meditation. The research revealed that mindfulness meditation reduced the inflammation caused by stress.
Some patients with symptoms related to stress, including irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and fibromyalgia, also experienced a significant improvement.


2- Practice mindfulness and meditation promote emotional health


Several forms of meditation can help you to find your true beauty, self-image and give you a more positive outlook on life. More than 4,600 adults practicing mindfulness mediation were reported to experience decreased depression. A long-term decrease in depression was also recorded in 18 volunteers taking on meditation for more than three years.


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3- Practice mindfulness and meditation enhance self-awareness


Practicing meditation is a good way to develop a deep understanding of your self, thus, allowing you to reach your best. Self-inquiry meditation, for instance, can work to help you to relate to those around you while some other forms help you to determine thoughts that can be harmful to yourself.
21 women with breast cancer taking on a tai chi program witnessed a bigger improvement of self-esteem than those who received social support sessions. 40 old men and women taking on a mindfulness meditation program experienced a reduction of loneness feeling in comparison with a control group that had been placed on a waitlist for the program. Besides, practicing meditation on a daily basis is believed to cultivate more creative problem-solving.


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Meditation, with no doubt, can bring many benefits to our mind, our soul and our health. This is the reason why people are hunting for the best meditation and mindfulness retreats. Here we have listed the best yoga and meditation retreat in Switzerland, as suggested by professionals in this field and aggregated by guests’ reviews. Hope that the article will help you to make a wise choice.

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