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What type of beauty and wellness trends will dominate in 2020?

January 26, 2020

Like fashion, annual beauty and wellness treatments always have repetition and innovation at the same time. Thanks to the active spread of the internet, small local beauty and wellness brands started to have a chance to rise. Beauty products that apply new technology with models that follow the trend of environmental protection are relentless throughout the world. We can see that beauty lover today have excess choices. They are more confident when buying beauty products online, so their standards are more rigorous.


Beauty and wellness are always one of the top concerns / Ph: Pexels


Besides, the awareness of climate change and environmental pollution is significantly impacted by the global beauty trends. The first changes have emerged from the past few years, but it is not until 2019 that it explodes. Now beauty customers consider more when making choices that are strictly related to wellness. So next year, exactly is 2020, what is waiting for you on the way to perfect your beauty?

AI and Virtual wellness

Artificial intelligence will grow to create personal health consultants. The design of the program is informed by comprehensive data sources, including genetics, microbiome, biological sensors, psychology, geographic exposure, and social connection data. Virtual reality will also enter global beauty and wellness industry with virtual experiences and go to exotic places, both realistic and imaginary. Virtual reality and AI will also create the power for role-playing games by using real-time biometrics that takes us to places we have never imagined.

This beauty and wellness trend will give spas the opportunity to create unique experiences and treatments based on their personalized data. At the same time, it will challenge the service suppliers to adjust their health care services to the VR environment, as well as provide exciting and advanced real-world experiences that can compete with the VR experience available at other places.

Holistic beauty from the inside out 

Beauty from inside out is popular too / Ph. SWISSE WELLNESS

2019 is the year of holistic beauty from the inside out. This beauty and wellness trend has been starting to warm up to formally dominate the global beauty and wellness industry. Women are increasingly aware of the close connection between mental and physical health to superficial beauty. Because of that, the nature-friendly ingredient table is becoming more concerned than ever. This wellness and beauty trend is not only reflected in the skin care field but also in the makeup line. as foundation, lipstick, or even concealer. On the other hand, the moderate makeup effect to honor the true beauty of the skin will continue to be a fever in 2019. In the era of “wellness and beauty” ingredients of natural origin will be very be favored. This key is a golden opportunity for small domestic beauty and wellness brands.


The power of smart beauty and wellness devices will be utilized to revolutionize personal medical testing. Advanced technologies are currently only available in specialized laboratories with millions of dollars worth of equipment, and highly trained technicians will be available to everyone at a minimum cost. Hope to see a new range of low-cost nanoscale devices and sensors that collect and analyze our blood, urine, sweat, and tears. Also, it can measure our quality of food, water, environment, and overall health.

This wellness and beauty trend will create opportunities for spas to compete with regular medical services while providing spa products and evidence-based services that have a positive impact on guest health indicators. Personal health data will also challenge service providers to track their health and reaction status. It also interfaces with existing and future data storage and medical data systems.


Eco-friendly beauty products is a big concern / Ph. Pexels

Air pollution levels are becoming alarming. Dust and chemicals that penetrate the skin produce free radicals that promote oxidation and break down the cell structure. This fact is the leading cause of premature aging, inflammatory acne, and sensitive skin changes. Facing this situation, the wellness and beauty trend of using cosmetics combined with the anti-pollution function will continue to spread. It’s the hottest wellness and beauty solutions now. Research has shown that microbiota balanced, active ingredients from yeast can enhance the natural defense barrier for the skin. Microbiota cosmetics research application will be a compelling choice for you. Also, physical tools that help protect the skin from environmental impacts such as activated charcoal masks will be consumed more.

Deep nature

The healing power of nature is indisputable, and it will become an increasingly valuable resource in wellness and beauty trends. While everywhere on the planet is now a real tourist destination and wilderness, people will seek immersion in the profound nature far from the influence of technology and industrialization. People will also become more attentive to the transformation, beauty, and fragility of local flora and fauna and the changes that people are imposing on it.

This situation will put pressure on the natural environment and challenge operators to maintain nature in its pristine state despite the effect of more and more people. It also challenges designers and architects to satisfy our biophilia by creating a natural experience in urban environments. It will also open up opportunities for sustainable economic and community development at hot spring sites and other physical health resources, and create opportunities for health care adventure experiences with minimum environmental impact.

Sustainable beauty

The movement to reduce plastic waste does not exclude the global beauty industry trends. It appears a lot in beauty and wellness magazine and beauty and wellness blogs More and more international beauty brands are committed to protecting the environment. This year, Lush opened its first non-packaging store in the UK. In Asia, Amorepacific Group officially signed a commitment to limit plastic use with the Korean Ministry of Environment. In the coming time, the beauty world will experience rough cosmetics or more recycled packaging. The model that refill the product in the old packaging will also be replicated in stores.

In parallel with that, leading beauty brands are also aware of the problem of global water depletion that is becoming serious. Water is the most used ingredient in the cosmetic production process, so studying water cuts is not easy. However, L’Oréal is very close to this goal with a commitment to reduce 60% of the water in each finished product by 2020.

Harmony with nature

The battle with bacteria was caused by antibiotics, chlorine, pesticides, antiseptics, and preservatives coming to an end. Now we realize that 99% of our genetic material belongs to the bacteria in our gut and is very important for our health. Waiting to see more emphasis on microbial ecosystems and benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, fermented foods, contact with healthy soil, and use of fecal implants for a variety of medical conditions.

The growing understanding of microbial ecology will provide the opportunity to create cosmetics, detergents, deodorants, and other personal care products. The increasing knowledge of bathing bio-communities will continue to lead to bacteria-based water treatment methods and challenge spas to provide a safe and hygienic environment while minimizing the use of harmful antiseptic.

Minimalist beauty brands and products

Korea is leading the way in functional cosmetics / Ph. skin79

The 10-step or 7-step skincare process is very familiar to women in the beauty capital. But 2020 will be the year of minimalism beauty. A busy life does not give us too much free time, so the first solution is to improve product technology. Instead of having to do a lot of cumbersome steps, you only need to use a few versatile products. It requires that the component board be integrated intelligently and safely.

Until now, the leading country on this track is still Korea. With traditional natural ingredients with vigorous activity such as ginseng or green tea, Korean cosmetics can cover the skin care process from moist to anti-aging. And it should be emphasized that minimizing the care process means cutting down on packaging. This will be one of global beauty industry trends.

Sound of wellness

Soul wellness spa, Soul wellness center, Soul wellness method will be wellness and beauty treatments

Sound is around us and inside us, but the surrounding sound dominates in most urban environments as the noise of the industry. Waiting to see a greater emphasis on natural sound with music replacing news broadcasted in the lounge and health care services, including real silence. Also expect the use of more music such as medicine, sound therapy equipment, and emphasis on the personal benefits of singing, playing music and nature’s sounds.

A higher appreciation of sound represents an opportunity for musicians and artists to create new forms of healing music that attract us in new ways. It will also challenge architects and engineers to minimize or combat background noise in urban environments and at creating real silence that can be used as a blank screen for meaningful sound.

J-beauty’s revolution

Keep abreast of the development of K-Beauty is another formidable force in Asia – J-Beauty. Japanese women have long been famous for their pure and youthful beauty, but for many reasons, their skincare is still quite mysterious to the world. In the coming year, J-Beauty trends will spread more strongly, especially in dairy products, soybean oil and matcha. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the throne of Japanese beauty brands with a minimalist skin care philosophy. Attractive Japanese beauty aids will also be more widely known. Typical of them are capsule-style skincare products.

More Polyhydroxy acids

AHA and BHA have always been at the top of the list of chemical exfoliants over the years. But since the end of 2018, a new acid – PHA (Polyhydroxy Acids) has been revealed in the beauty industry. Possessing a more massive molecular structure than AHA, PHA works gently and slowly on the skin, suitable for sensitive skin. Besides, PHA can absorb and lock moisture, helping the surface to be comforted during the exfoliating process. This ingredient has created a big craze in Korea in particular and Asia in general throughout the year. Also, the new beauty and wellness trend of applying prevalent acids such as Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, and Malic Acid in the beauty process has not shown signs of cooling down.

Recovered beauty products is preferred in beauty and wellness treatments

After a long period of anti-aging products topped the search for beauty, women now turn their attention to skin recovery. The cause of this comes from the steady trend of using retinol and acid over the past three years. Recovered products are used as a soothing remedy to help the skin overcome the most challenging treatment stages. Acne treatment has always been a hot topic, but it has now become saturated. More attention will be given to skin care after acne. Accordingly, the product to remove scar and bruise will also advance to higher rankings. The beauty world can expect the emergence of super active and anti-scar super active ingredients, as well as a moisturizer and calming skin.

Smart beauty devices – Useful beauty tools for wellness and beauty treatments

Smart beauty devices are attracting much attention / Ph. FOREO

Not only did it stop at the face washing machine, but the market for electronic beauty tools has also been expanding rapidly. Many women in Europe and America own saunas or hand-held facial massage devices. Not only convenient, but automated beauty tools also become smarter. Brands like FOREO or Neutrogena are still developing a comprehensive line of personal care products.

You can look forward to beauty devices connected to your smartphone via the app, providing a skin condition diagnosis, giving beauty care tips and makeup guides. The highlight at this time was FOREO For You and Neutrogena Skin360. Besides, other beauty aids improved technology. Typical must be voice mirror Kohler Verdera of Amazon Alexa. This mirror not only advises skin care but also helps you understand the traffic and weather situation.

Politics about wellness and beauty solutions

Health care activities that reduce chronic illness and enhance people’s performance and longevity will make health more politically challenged by government ministers and challenging political parties. This movement can effectively measure and administer human-appropriate policies instead of economics. It will probably happen with taxes on sugar, alcohol, tobacco and fast food, and policies around health insurance, workplace health promotion, and environmental pollutants.

Healthcare politics provides a unique opportunity for spa services to be incorporated into workplace health care programs, government health insurance, and discount programs and community-based health program. Spas can also present challenges to improve the quality of political decisions by championing health care activities and experiences in the political process and attracting politicians in nurturing their health.

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