What makes Switzerland the best country?

November 20, 2019

Why is Switzerland so expensive to visit but there are many people wishing to visit this country? To know why, learn about unique facts about Switzerland.


Thanks to its economic and political stability, Switzerland has been named the best country in the world three times in a row. It is also an ideal country to live in. Let’s figure out what makes Switzerland special as well as unique facts about this country.


Unique things about Switzerland


Almost everyone knows that Switzerland is famous for watches, but apart from that, what makes Switzerland unique?


The best political system


We are not discussing about the pros and cons of direct democracy here. What makes Switzerland the best country is an amazing political construction. Instead of settling for one president from one political party, Switzerland’s government includes seven ministers from all four of the country’ biggest parties who are actually equal in the Swiss system. Each year, there is a rotating presidency with one member of the council elected.


Aside from beautiful nature, Switzerland has the best political system
Aside from beautiful nature, Switzerland has the best political system/ Ph: pexels


One of the advantages of having multiple parties in the government is politicians and parties have to constantly negotiate and seek compromise solutions. Although this system is difficult to make any change and slow things down, when it works properly, there will be multiple opinions and views which are represented in the decision-making process. This makes it a more effective system.


The best army


Switzerland’s neighbours are powerful countries, so there is no surprise that its non-professional armed services are concerned with self-defence. However, this country is famously neutral, the military does not get directly involved in international conflicts. While there are so many contests and conflicts in the world, Switzerland remains a dream land where you can find peace as well as beautiful nature. The Swiss military even takes part in international peacekeeping missions.


What is Switzerland famous for?


When you plan to visit a country, you always look for the famous things to buy or to explore. So why is Switzerland famous for tourism and what makes Switzerland different from other countries?


#1: Watches


Switzerland is famous for its watch brands
Switzerland is famous for its watch brands/ Ph: Pexels


It will be a mistake if we talk about the famous things to buy in Switzerland but don’t mention Swiss watches. Although the Apple watches are becoming trendy, Swiss watches still remain as popular as they used to be. In fact, Swiss watch sales are still contributing to the country’s economy. Pretty much all the tourists who come to this country want to take home a watch, if they can afford it, of course. There are a lot of famous watch brands in Switzerland, including Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Tissot, Swatch, etc… There is no surprise if you have heard about all of them because they are so popular all over the world. However, you might not have known about this, most of the watches in Switzerland are made in very small towns in the French-speaking part of the country.


#2: Chocolate and cheese


Perhaps no one can deny that Switzerland is one of the most famous producers of chocolate in the world. As a tourist, everyone would love to buy some chocolate in this country and take home. Along with watches, chocolate is another famous items in Switzerland. Visiting the country, you can find all the famous brands, from supermarket level with Frey, Lindt and Callier to famous chocolatiers like Läderach and Stettler. In addition, you can sign up for a local chocolate making course to indulge your chocolate passion.

Besides amazing chocolate, what makes Switzerland famous is also cheese! You might have had a type of Swiss cheese at home, but once you come to Switzerland, you will be amazed by the variety and quality of cheeses here. Apart from France, Switzerland is one of the best places to eat cheese in the world.


Chocolate is an item you must buy when visiting Switzerland
Chocolate is an item you must buy when visiting Switzerland/ Ph: Pexels


#3: Trains


What makes Switzerland the happiest country? Perhaps there is a long list of things. But one thing for sure, you can live here completely comfortably without a car. The public transport system in Switzerland is insanely amazing, especially the trains. You can go almost everywhere within minutes. And most of the time, you can just sit on a train and admire the stunning scenery. Why do you need to own a car?

It is not easy to get the trains to travel from one end of the country to another, but the Swiss have managed to produce and maintain this for over a century. Additionally, you can take a train nearly 45 degrees straight up mountains. The most famous train in Switzerland you can take on your vacation is the Glacier Express from St Moritz (or even Chur) to Zermatt. You can enjoy an amazing scenery, especially in winter.


#4: Festivals


There are plenty of festivals that take place in Switzerland every year. They are great cultural and entertaining events that shine a bright light on this country. For ice sculptures, you can participate in the Grindelwald World Snow Festival where all artists and sculptors are gathered. This festival lasts for six days, giving an unforgettable experience to locals and tourists. For warmer months which are very attractive and eventful times of the year, you can take part in the biggest music festival in Switzerland-the Interlaken Music Festival. This festival gathers around orchestras and soloists from all over the world. Aside from that, the Lucerne Festival which is held three times a year gathers around more than 120,000 visitors.


What are some interesting facts about Switzerland?


Here are some unique facts about Switzerland. First, the most expensive coffee in the world is in Zurich. Secondly, compared to other countries, Swiss men have the longest life expectancy in the world. Also, you have to pay Swiss taxes for owning a dog. Next, Switzerland has a considerable wealth gap between rich and poor and this country also has one of the lowest crime rates of industrialised countries. Additionally, Switzerland has the third highest salary and job security out of all OECD countries. Furthermore, this can be the most interesting, Switzerland has one of the highest rates of cannabis use in the world. Last but not least, there are four national languages in this country.

With that being said, Switzerland is definitely one of the best places to live happy in the world.


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