What is melanogenesis? How can you get an even skin tone?

Have you ever heard about melanogenesis? If not, you may want to know more about the process of synthesizing melanin because we can use this knowledge to combat uneven pigmentation issues like melasma, age spots and solar lentigo.

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Skin pigmentation

First, let’s find out what skin pigmentation is. It is a complex process to color skin which involves several steps: the production of melanin, known as melanogenesis and the subsequent distribution of the pigment in the epidermal keratinocytes.

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Abnormalities in skin pigmentation

Sometimes you will suffer pigmentation disorders from external and internal factors such as sun or pollution exposure, hormonal changes, inflammation, etc. These factors lead to overproduction and accumulation of melanin. And then these result in melasma, age spots or solar lentigo.

The actives help your skin tone become even

Chromabright molecule

Chromabright molecule is a skin-brightening active that works by restraining tyrosinase activity. It is one of the most qualified skin brightener since it is effective and completely safe. In vitro, it restrains the key enzyme in melanin synthesis and in cells it produces a depigmenting effect.

Moreover, it have positive effect on human epidermal keratinocytes. This has been proven when testing on the skin of volunteers.

Chromabright molecule was shown to increase the parameters normally considered for the assessment of a brightening effect: luminance (L*) and the individual typological angle (ITAЉ).

And then when it was applied to hyperpigmented areas, melasma and lentigines faded.

Brighlette marine ingredient

This is a biotechnological ingredient which acts on various stages of pigmentation to decrease the deposition of melanin. As a result, your skin becomes brighten with fewer dark spots.

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Here are some information about melanogenesis as well as the factors that help you get even skin tone. Let’s visit Vuhes often for more information about beauty world.

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