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What is dominating Asia’s beauty market?

November 29, 2019

 Asia beauty market is at its peak thanks to the growth of some noticeable health and natural beauty trends as follow.


Asians are showing their great interest in dermal beauty products

Asians are showing their great interest in dermal beauty products / Ph: Pexels


According to Kanter, the world’s leading data and a prestigious consultant, what is driving the growth of Asia beauty industry are natural ingredients. These natural ingredients that allow consumers to achieve healthy glowing skin, makeup products for a natural appearance and skincare products aimed at male beauty regime are in high demand, and, no need to say, are placing their domination in Asia beauty market.

According to data collected by Kantar, Asian people consider health almost twice as important to their happiness as having excessive money. They also see what they put on their skin as a health supplement rather than a tool to achieve a more attractive appearance. Both of them are the reasons for the emerging trends in Asian beauty and personal care.


Derma-care gets more attention


The proportion of derma-care has witnessed a significant increase these years because, according to many people, these derma-care beauty products seem to be safer and more trustworthy than others. Korean derma skincare and makeup brands have reached nearly half of Korean beauty market, increasing roughly twice from just 25% in 2017. Asians believe that the sophisticated ingredients in derma products are better at treating their skin problems. Therefore, derma beauty products become one of the most noticeable Beauty Trends in Asia, increasing their footprints outside drugstores.


A natural look is still on trend


Asian people have followed natural beauty look trend for years. A woman, for instance, should be as young and natural as possible. Their point of view is driving the sales on beauty products, especially different types of serums that promise intense hydration. In Korea, thanks to people’s desire to achieve healthy glowing skin, serums account for 61% of the beauty market in 2019, rising from 58% in 2017.


Men-only products


Another trend in Asian health and natural beauty market is associated with the development in men segment. Male beauty regime has become popular in Asia, especially China, South Korea and Thailand. More product categories are added to their beauty regime, most of which are customized for men only. Products targeted at men account for 10% of the total value sales in Asia beauty market, making skincare and makeup brands desperate to penetrate this market segment.

These are three trends in the Asian beauty and personal care market. Changing to meet this trend is what all beauty brands must do if they are about to survive.

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