What influences Japanese beauty tech trend?

Japan is known for its latest developments in every aspect of lives including beauty world. Beauty tech trend in Japan is heavily influenced by a group of people called “innovator-type”.


In the article, we will provide general information about this huge impact.

The research conducted to find out what influences beauty tech trend in Japan

According to some several surveys in BeautyTech.jp, the “innovator-type” group has buying behaviours of a large group of customers. Another survey is “Level of Beauty Tech” aiming at how often customers use beauty technology, for example, apps and smart mirrors.

Beauty tech trend in Japan is heavily influenced by “innovator-type” group / Panasonic

In the survey, scientists study 2 sides associating with beauty tech trend in Japan, including Level of Beauty (Low, Medium, High) and Level of Tech (Low, Mid, High, Super High). After both levels were multiplied together, the scientists show 10 possible levels, from the lowest Low × Low (LL) to the highest High × SuperHigh (HSH). Each group has different impacts on beauty tech trend in Japan.

The result of the research

Yuraki Akiyama, the survey planner, tells that there is only 7% of the total population belonging to the HH group, in which only 2% are HSH. Scientists continuously divided this group into 2 categories.

These 2 categories get powerful effects on beauty trend in Japan as they have strong communication skills. They are able to provide useful knowledge and experience to others.

The most important thing is a human instinct that considering anything new is scary. Therefore they need someone who is famous and trustful to talk about the product. Then consumers are likely to buy the products with less hesitation.

When HSH and HH innovators use a particular product and talk about their first impressions, it is helpful if companies can take advantage of this to influence customers’ behaviours.

Group of people with a high level of beauty and high level of tech have a significant impact on beauty tech trend in Japan. Thus it is critical for businesses to listen to the feedback of their customers, especially the “innovator-type” group.

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