What does the content on label of beauty products tell us?

When talking about beauty products that tend to be from nature or protect the environment, we often see related jargons printed on the labels of those products.

Such as Natural beauty products, Green beauty products, Organic beauty products, Clean Beauty products, etc ... Do we really understand the products with the appearance of the above jargons? Are they completely different or similar? Let us explore this through the following article.

We need to understand all types of cosmetics to make the right choice for ourself / Ph: Pinterest


The difference between types of beauty cosmetics

First of all, I would like to confirm that the types of cosmetics with the classification of products are different. Large stickers or sometimes at a very small angle often talk about the outstanding characteristics of the material that makes up the product or the special use of the product. And for natural labels such as Natural beauty, Green beauty, Organic beauty, etc ... is not an exception even though they sound like they seem the same. However, to affix the label on the product, instead of having rules or criteria for evaluation, the product only needs to own the material associated with the content on the sticker.

And now we will take a look at the main content that is often seen on stickers in some beauty cosmetic products. Natural beauty is one of the most common content, and it means that this product contains natural ingredients. Organic beauty means the main ingredient that makes that beauty product evaluated as Organic material through the standards of each organization such as USA’s USDA, Switzerland’s Bio-Suisse and United Kingdom’s Soil Association. Green Beauty means that the ingredients in that product completely do not affect the environment, including packaging of products.

Cruelty-Free Beauty means that these products are completely harmless to animals, and you can understand that these products do not from animal tests. And Vegan beauty means that these products are completely not made from animals, saying that does not mean the products labeled vegan beauty are made from nature and organic ingredients. 

When we got clear on content of labels of beauty cosmetic products, we can completely make smart and more appropriate choices for our skin and health, avoiding allergic cases causing by misunderstand about the materials available in each product.




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