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What are the special features of RealSelf’s 2018 Aesthetics Trend Report and included in watch list 2019

December 12, 2018


With the demand of standing information and answering questions of anyone who needs beauty RealSelf publishes reports of beauty trends every year and provides forecasts and evaluations of new trends for the coming year. Whats so special about the RealSelf Beauty Trends report in 2018? Will the previuos treatments be replaced or remain in place? And are the new trends in 2019 the same as you anticipated? Lets see the article below to get answers for yourself.

Botox treatment and Breast augmentation continue to dominate even with the 2019 watch list.

RealSelf always try to help people find out the best trending/

2018 is the year of huge changes, new beauty treatments have been applied extensively with the development of modern technologies such as Minimally Invasive Treatments including buccal fat removal, new treatment solutions like microneedling, PRP to care for hair loss and especially Bellafill, a collagen-based filler that focuses on treating deep wrinkles and acne scars with up to 44% growth. with 2017.

However, the new treatments are still too fresh and some how have not met the popular beauty trends. Therefore, the dominance of two main types of artificial beauty is Injectables and Surgical treatments are still very strong and there is no sign that those trends are going down. Botox, on the top of the list, along with other injectable treatments, are still dominating the search rankings for less invasive procedures. In addition, despite the less invasive procedures surpassed, the procedures of surgical, lead by breast augmentation is still preferred and possesses a very high demand. One highlight of the cosmetic surgery program is the presence of mommy makeover, a combination of breast augmention and tummy tuck that ranks 8th in the rankings for surgical search.

With the watch list 2019, we always expect on cosmetic treatments that do not have too much impact on the body. But what RealSelf shows us is the familiar appearance of the two types of invasive procedures, specifically Botox along with cosmetic procedures, specifically breast augmentation are still highly appreciated and the potential for further development. Beyond Botox the tendency of applying less invasive procedures is gradually replacing traditional beauty treatments, such as the Emsculpt treatment, which is a new approach in 2018 but is strongly noted because this is the way of stimulating and hunting the muscles without surgery. In general, the development of modern technology is the new trend in artificial beauty, reduce the stigma from the surrounding community as well as apply to many objects with more diverse options.

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