What are cheapest life longevity pills? The answer will benefit all of us!

June 08, 2020

The human is not died by old, not died by disease but died by angry. The angry is cause of many diseases. Is it true? 

Is “Not Angry” the cheapest life longevity pill in life? Let’s find out the answer at below.


each of us should live happily to have a healthy body both physically and mentally / ph: Pexels@Edu Carvalho


 Stop yourself from getting angry is secret of longevity


When you are disagreed with your family, you are often arguing, arguing continuously, and become anger. There were obvious moments when ourselves just only wanted to gently talk but our saying words came out to the mouth becomes out of control that turns into loud and yelling.

When life pressures are too big, you are getting mad at people who not related. When you do not feel comfortable, you are sleepless all night – the more you think, the more you are angry.

Anger is one of the normal feelings of human, which is the most common reaction of human in everyday life. Every time we face to uncomfortable situations and things, we are often easy to get into anger and quickly immerse in sorrow.

But, since long time ago, the noble people have concluded that anger is the cause leading to miserableness, is the poison destroying every person. And the cheapest life longevity pill is NOT ANGER.


Person who never got angry, could live longer


Every single moment in life is extremely precious, as the time goes by, it will disappear, can not be possible to retain it.

Living and looking at life with pure mind, welcoming each day with all joy, gratitude for life and solving all conflicts with a warm and loving heart and pure soul, our life accordingly will become comfortable, the more going on the life road, the wider it is.. The health accordingly is better.


Person who is not angry, nor make others angry, can live very long


“Not Angry” is the cheapest life longevity pill in life / ph: Pexels@Luizmedeirosph


According to a survey of factors that help people living up to 100 years: genetic factors accounted for 15%, social factors accounted for 10%, medical conditions accounted for 8%, the weather conditions accounted for 7% and the remaining 60% were decided by the old people themselves.

And the factor that helps the elderly who participated in the survey live up to more than 100 years old is just only one which is not based on eating or workout but is NOT ANGRY.

In today’s complex life, not angry is the life longevity pill for human’s heart.

The time is as the water goes away, every day is passing synonymous with the life is shortening each day, each of us should live happily to have a healthy body both physically and mentally. And stop yourself from getting angry is secret of longevity.

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