Some ayurvedic tips to lose weight
At the present day, the demand for weight loss is more and more increase; it is especially important for women. There are many ayurvedic tips for weight loss that you should try.
'Thunder therapy' - Most popular latest wellness trend
Currently there are many natural health treatments applied to bring high efficiency. 'Thunder therapy' is known as one of the most popular latest wellness trends.
Luxury Wellness Experience with Enchanting beauty of Asian paradise islands
Luxury wellness experience with enchanting beauty of Asian paradise islands is the goal that many people aim for. Did you choose a suitable place to go?
THE MURAKA cooperates with Robe de Voyage to launch an exclusive collection
The exclusive collection called ‘Sleeping in the Ocean’ is designed by the founder of Robe de Voyage - Jessica Linklater. This is the ‘milestone’ of this cooperation.
Joali: Maldives’ First Immersive Art Resort Opened Its Doors
Joali use artwork to imbue color and character. They are each reflecting the beauty of nature and sustainability at their core.