Excessive vitamin supplementation can cause poisoning
In fact, many experts recommend that we do not need to add vitamins if our bodies are not deficient in vitamins. Vitamin supplements are not completely harmless as many people think.
The new tool for mindfulness
There are many benefits of mindfulness. Some examples for this are mindfulness helps you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; it makes our mood more comfortable. Moment Pebble is a new mindfulness tool that you should give a try.
Top 10 most prosperous healthcare trends in 2019
In the last two years, the global health care market has increased by about 12.8 percent, which means that the health care market is becoming increasingly important. The demand of health care are more and more increasing, especially for luxury customers.
Read it before a breast implant decision
Nowadays, breast implants are no longer strange to us, especially women. Many people have breast implants for medical reasons, but mainly they want to change their breasts’ size.
EmbodyMove – The Latest VR Wellness Experiences
The Two Bit Circus’ Beta Night event this Spring will be a night to remember. It is because attendees will have a chance to take part in various exciting games with the unique experience.