Wellness luxury travel in 2020

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Travellers want to create their own definition of wellness

Travellers want to create their own definition of wellness/ Ph: Pexels


Wellness and luxury travel has been booming in recent years. A lot of high-end hospitality companies are offering more niche travel experiences for luxury travelers.


Top wellness travel trends


Today, people are more interested in wellness and self care activities when they travel. That’s why wellness travel market is having a significant growth. January is the most important time for wellness as it starts a new year. Also, it’s when people make health resolutions and start their detox plans. For those who are more organized, they will brainstorm places they want to travel to in the year ahead. The growth of wellness travel trends has been incredible because more and more luxury travelers want wellness luxury experience at the core of their trips. In fact, some luxury hospitality companies have been adding wellness offerings because that is what luxury travelers want and they don’t want to lose their name in the market.

However, wellness travel trends 2020 do not necessarily include luxury because not many travellers can afford it. Therefore, companies are looking to integrate wellness into all travel price points. Also, unique luxury travel experience is not necessarily about good health. But the two categories combined create luxury unique wellness trips to satisfy the demand and the need of travellers.

Another trend  in 2020 is tailor-made wellness travel. When it comes to wellness and yoga retreats is a core offering. However, luxury travelers want more than that. They want personalised travel experiences that address their specific health and wellness goals and objectives while also provide unique experiences. In 2020, travellers expect more creative, tailored travel experiences. Apart from yoga retreats and spa getaways, guests want more personal ideas of what wellness means.


The growth of wellness travel industry


The future of wellness travel is personalised travel experiences

The future of wellness travel is personalised travel experiences/ Ph: Pexels


The industry is growing so fast. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness travel market has a growth rate of 6.5 percent a year-more than twice the growth rate of tourism overall. To meet the demand of health and wellness travelers, the hospitality industry is offering more bespoke getaways. For example, travellers now can stay at a local farm or far-off monastery, trek to see the northern lights, or experiment with sound therapy. Those who want to enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, they have a specific goal in mind, and the pursuit of that goal will all lead to a niche experience.

Due to these changing goals of wellness-minded travelers, hospitality companies will have to move fast to adapt, because if they don’t, competitors will surely seize the opportunity. While most travellers hope to leave a wellness trip more relaxed and rejuvenated, the core of wellness travel is to identify what they will connect with, tap into their passions, thought processes, and comfort levels. So if you are looking for a spiritual reboot, you may consider a visit to a traditional Guatemalan sweat lodge or a trip to Thailand for Loy Krathong. One resort is even trying out wellness technology trends which offers virtual reality wellness experiences. Guests recline in a pod called The Vessel and they can see, smell, hear, and even feel different virtual nature settings for 20–80 minutes.

The future of wellness travel or all travel is tailored experiences because people prefer to explore and create their own definition of wellness and self-care routines.

Wellness luxury travel in 2020

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