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Wellness foods for stress relief

September 10, 2019

Stress may seem harmless. However, if you keep being stressed for such a long time, it will affect both your mental and physical health. In order to release anxiety and depression, this article will show you the best foods for stress reduction. 


Bananas are healthy and nutritious fruits that can provide people enough calories when they feel hungry. They are rich in vitamin B, a type of vitamin can reduce fatigue and stress for people, according to a study in Psychopharmacology. So, whenever you feel bad, grab a banana because it is among the greatest foods to relieve stress naturally. 

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the best foods to eat for stress relief but remember not to eat it too much daily

Dark chocolate is a type of dessert so there may be lots of people wondering why it is on the list. The answer is that dark chocolate contains antioxidants, an important element that can lower levels of stress hormones. Thus, stick to 1-oz serving cacao dark chocolate each day and you will find this is the best food for stress relief. 


Avocados are among the best foods that relieve stress and depression

Avocados are famous for its healthy fat that is used a lot for losing weight. In addition, avocados are also the foods for reliving stress. According to a study in the FASEB Journal, avocados have vitamins B6 and C, which can help lower blood pressure as well as reduce stress because the monounsaturated fats may discourage you from eating unhealthy foods. Mood Effex - Mood Support
In total, they are wellness foods that can reduce stress and anxiety for people. If you feel like stressed, do not find unhealthy snacks, let’s grab some foods mentioned above. Apart from them, you can also eat leafy greens, fatty fish, oranges or a cup of warm tea. 

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