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Wellness fashion trends

August 22, 2019

Wellness care has been given more attention by fashion brands. For example, the collagen peptides in Buki’s limited-edition shirts and scarves promise to soften, they are all helpful in protecting your skin. Therefore, wellness fashion is gradually becoming a new trend.

Wellness fashion trends will be more and more popular / Ph: Broadhead

Wellness fashion trends – An evolution of wellbeing

Monsoon Blooms recently sells a very unique type of fashion, which is organic cotton clothes dyed with Ayurvedic medicine (They are based on ancient Indian medicine). It is a good example of wellness fashion trends today. 

Health professionals also began to receive new ways that they could help their patients. 

University of Massachusetts’s scientists at Amherst have found a way to apply technology to conventional clothing. They have applied polymer coatings on fabrics, threads and existing clothes. This clothing is useful for people who have difficulty adjusting their own body temperature, including the elderly and babies.

In addition, according to a Reuters report, a new set of underwear has been created that can help eliminate body odor by combining live bacteria into materials. This unique suit named Skin II. It was created by designer Rosie Broadhead. It is also a good example for wellness fashion trends.

Broadhead said that it was not the sweat on your body that causes body odor, it’s the bacteria. So they were incorporated healthy bacteria into the textiles to enable a healthy microbiome which will help to reduce your body odor.

Broadhead and Callewaert have teamed up to plan the commercialization of the suit, with the ability to create a range of sporting goods that use advanced technology.

Broadhead said: “People are becoming more aware of sustainability and the environment. They’re concerned about the food that they are eating and the cosmetics that they’re putting on their skin. But less is known about the toxic chemicals that are in our clothing. So in time I think people will become more aware of wellness clothing.”

All in all, wellness fashion trends are necessary to evolution of wellbeing.

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