Wellness cuisine experience for travellers

Recently, Singapore Airlines has collaborated with Singapore-based wellness brand named COMO Shambhala in order to enhance the wellness cuisine experience for travellers.

The collaboration with COMO Shambhala will help Singapore Airlines achieve its target to enhance wellness experience for travellers during their flights.

COMO Shambhala will provide seasonal and sustainable ingredients cooked by their own way so as to inspire the palate with memorable,  delicious and healthy flavors. This will be included in a new wellness menu in SIA’s Book the Cook service. In addition, both companies aim at creating in-flight entertainment content relating to wellness such as yoga in the air. By doing this, on-board offerings will become more attractive to the increasing sector of travellers, resulting in brilliant image of both firms.

This partnership is a natural fit with both companies to become one of the world’s leading services /Ph: travelweekly-asia

Singapore Airlines is renowned for the World’s Best Airlines in 2018. Therefore, the collaboration with COMO Shambhala will help the company achieve its target to enhance travellers’ wellness experience during their flights. Thanks to COMO Shambhala’s signature wellness cuisine, travellers do not need to worry about planning their own healthy-hacks whenever they fly anymore because COMO Group will prepare nutritious in-flight meals for them.

The companies will serve nutritious cuisine that has been at the heart of their brand offerings/ Ph: Healthy Cuisine | COMO Shambhala

Flying with Singapore Airlines, travellers will have an opportunity to enjoy meals from COMO Shambhala’ s award-winning wellness cuisine. They are made from local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients by skilled chefs. And all seat classes will be served a nutritionally balanced selection of dishes, which is different from some airlines brands.

The partnership between Singapore Airlines and COMO Shambhala brings travellers a lot of benefits. In the future, they will try to enhance travellers’ wellness experience by introducing wellness entertainment on-board amenities.

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