STOP FREE RADICAL to keep Beauty by superfoods and supplements

STOP FREE RADICAL to keep Beauty by Superfoods and supplements is the slogan we really want those who read this article to apply to their lives.

We always wonder how we can find ways to against oxidation because we are surrounding by harmful and contaminated elements. But gradually we accept to live with them because life is inherently too busy and really does not have time to take care of  yourself. But maybe today will be different, because below may contain something that can help you in this situation.

STOP FREE RADICAL to keep Beauty by Superfoods and supplements

In fact, our bodies must always be under hard pressure from elements that have strong oxidizing effects, and they must fight with them every day, and that struggle process takes place even when you are making a good sleep. Food, drinking water, air, sun, cigarette smoke, chemicals, etc ... all contain free radicals. Free radicals are considered an oxidizing factor that causes many serious diseases, including cancer. They attack each cell by invading the body and taking up the electrons available from our body's cells because they are molecules of instability and lack of many electrons.

The impact of free radicals at this time is extremely powerful, a proven study of the ability of free radicals that is destroy more than 10,000 cells at the same time every day. And the destruction of free radicals is also evident in beauty when we seem to be getting older before we reach a long life. What we can do is prevent the possibility of causing this disease based on antioxidants. Antioxidants are a factor that can saturate free radicals, refill for the missing electrons of free radicals, help free radicals as harmless when entering human bodies and become more sustainable. Our body has a mechanism to produce Antioxidants but the dosage is not enough to withstand the overwhelming amount of free radicals. In that case, SuperFoods are exactly what you need. This is a food that contains more Antioxidants than many times your body produces itself, helping to saturate free radicals and thereby help your body relieve pressure from aging factors.

SuperFoods are actually closer to you than you think

Spinach, kale, blueberries, citrus, hot cocoa are the SuperFoods we recommend to have in your meals because of the high levels of antioxidants in it. So from now on, choose wisely for your daily menu.

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