Ways for teenager to make money

Every person has to work for a living and teenagers do, too. Of course, as a teenager, you do not need to save money for a house or a car. However, it would be better if you can finance some of your demands. And here are ways for teenager to make money. Ways for teenager to make money

Barista is one of teenage jobs to make money / Ph: Pinterest

Get a part time job

One of the most popular teenage ways to make money is to get a part-time job. The infomal jobs, such as shop assistant and barista, can help teens to buy things without asking their parents and develop their identities and work experience as well.

Buy and resell

If you want to know how to make money as a teenager without a job, buy & resell will be what you are looking for. By selling things at a reasonable higher price than what you have to pay for them, you can get a commission.


Tutoring has always in the list of most attractive ways to earn money as a teenager with your own capital – knowledge and intellect.

Baby-sitting / pet sitting

You also can consider baby sitting & pet sitting as a means to make money.

Photography / Editing of video or foto

Photography and video editing are teenage jobs to make money. If you are interested in photo, why not turning your passion into your profits?

Airbnb co-host

Airbnb co-host is another job that you can consider if you are about to make money on your own. With a smartphone connected to the internet, you not only can earn money but also can learn about management.

Social media management

This job not only creates financial gains but also improves managing skills.


Copywriting is how to make money as a teenager online. This job is extremmely attractive to teens who do not want to access transportation.

Be a blogger or Youtuber

Enarning money through social media has never been that easy these days. Through considerable audience on your channel, you can gain several advertising contracts from different suppliers. It is never too early to earn money as a teenager. Let’s start being financially independent right today.

Ways for teenager to make money

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