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Want to know top beauty trends for 2020?

January 10, 2020

2020 has come and you have not got any beauty ideas for the new year. Let’s take a look at the top beauty trends 2020 that we have collected.

Not anti-aging but ageless beauty
Not anti-aging but ageless beauty / Ph: Pexels@Wesner Rodrigues

Ageless beauty on the rise

Top beauty trends for 2020 witness the emerging of ageless beauty. Many beauty enterprises are trying to diversify their product range to cater as many customers as possible. However, it must be admitted that most of them, whether providing makeup or hair and skin care, make their products available to all ethnicities, body types, skin tones, gender. They are dismissing an important market: women over the age of 50 even when knowing that this market is hugely potential. Realizing that fact, many brands are introducing products for Gen Xers, including L’Oreal, Paris, Clarins, Trinny London, Boots No.7,…making it one of the hottest trends in health and wellness industry 2020.

From slow beauty to blue beauty

As customers are paying their attention to environmental protection, meeting their demand with eco-friendly packaging has become the biggest beauty trends  2020. Beauty giants, such as L’Oreal, commits to 100% eco-friendly packaging by 2025. Lush, a famous British brand, has pioneered the blue beauty trend of zero packagings. Procter & Gamble follows the latest beauty trends 2020 with the launch of its Waterless hairline, aiming to protect the oceans and water supplies.

Microbiome skincare

Microbiome, one of the beauty and wellness trends 2020, is placing its domination on the UK facial skincare market. As it is hard for bacteria – balancing ingredients in products to suit all types of skin, microbiome skincare will be on the forefront in 2020. The new beauty treatment trends 2020 are expected to dominate the beauty industry because of the ability to tackle aging problems to acne.

Anti-pollution and clean beauty

Customers are more aware of pollution issues, thus they are taking a great insight into what their products are made of. This gives condition to anti-pollution and clean beauty to be beauty and wellness industry trends. Customers concern more about cosmetic ingredients and health-related issues before buying them. This requires many beauty and wellness brands to carry out ingredient transparency so to fulfil the increasing demand of consumers.

The connection between beauty and wellness

Brands are pushing beauty supplements
Brands are pushing beauty supplements / Ph: Pexels@Karley Saagi

2020 sees the meeting of beauty and wellness. For instance, you might at least one time hear about beauty supplements. More and more startups are introducing suites of vitamins and supplements for weight loss, bright skin and stronger hair.

Fitness approves its great influence as one of the top health and wellness trends 2020 when it is increasingly intertwined in consumer’s everyday routines. Asian markets also witness the rise in cosmetic surgery thanks to an increased in medical tourism and reasonable beauty treatments.

Sexual wellness

One of the dominant beauty and wellness trends is sexual wellness, allowing the market for personal care products grow bigger and bigger. The so-called vaginal beauty products seem to not in high demand, even when brands are putting their focus on sexual health and wellness. According to analysis, the global sexual wellness market is expected to be worth $39 billion by 2024, making brands desired to embrace it.

Here we have mentioned the top beauty trends 2020. Hope that you have found some ideas for a beautiful 2020.

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