Vegan trends grow rapidly in the beauty industry

As consumers are more and more aware of animal cruelty, they are turning to use vegan cosmetics. The vegan trends shaping the beauty industry have enormous impacts on beauty brands. The article will provide more information about these latest trends.

# Why vegan becomes a trend?

Animal rights and sustainability are what consumers care about when choosing cosmetics

People today care more about sustainable development. Global problems, such as animal cruelty, natural resources, greenhouse effects,.. are driving their decision-making process greatly. They consider animal rights and refuse to buy cosmetics associated with animal cruelty. That’s why ethical consumers follow vegan trends in the beauty industry.

# Vegan brands benefit from these trends

Of course, the cosmetic company cannot miss these vegan trends. Nature’s Gate, for instance, introduced its Rainwater Herbal Shampoo – the first product inspired by the purity of rainwater. This shampoo got support from consumers, especially environmental lovers. Now, this beauty brand is producing many products with vegan ingredients.

Many beauty brands, taking advantages of these vegan trends in the beauty industry, has launched vegan cosmetics lines. The value of global vegan industry was $12.9 billion in 2017. And according to Grand View Research, this industry will reach $20.8 billion by 2025. This is due to the widespread consumer’s concern for animal welfare.

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# Boycott harmful ingredients

With the development of technology, it is easier for customers to get information about a product’s ingredients and bad effects. They are more difficult choosing cosmetics because of the vegan trends in the beauty industry.

# Beauty brands react

To compete with their rivals, brands must follow vegan trends in the beauty industry. Choosing a smart brand name, designing packages that show responsibility for environmental issues, using branding stories to stand out are what brands often do to attract their customers.

The vegan trends seem to dominate the beauty world nowadays. If beauty businesses are trying to survive, they need to change.

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