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Vampire: the history

December 10, 2019

Like humans, vampires have their own history. The world of the vampire has been always mysterious and grabbed public attention. Some claim that vampires are as old as the world. However, is it real?

Ancient documents recorded the appearance of vampire 400 years ago
Ancient documents recorded the appearance of vampire 400 years ago / Ph: Pexels@Oleg Magni

Actually, this idea of the appearance of vampires is just what people think about it, without any sufficient evidence. 400 years ago, there was a case of vampires transferring from human on the Istrian Peninsula (Croatia) recorded in ancient documents.

The most well-known vampire across the global is Earl Dracula of Transylvania (Romania). Dracula is a character in the famous horror novel of author Bram Stoker. Dracula has become a symbol of the vampire world and has been what people often mention whenever it comes to vampires. However, stories about vampire are also mentioned in many different cultures in the world, mostly the Eastern Europen, including Croatia. Croatia is where the first story about vampire was recorded through folklore.

In the 17th century, in a small village of Kringa on the Istrian Peninsula, the locals described a mysterious man named Jure Grando as a vampire. There was little thing about this man. All what people remember about him was that an ordinary man who was difficult. Grando died in 1656, buried in the local cemetery. However, the strange thing was that many locals saw this man wandering around the village and knocked on the door of some families.

For a long time, local people on the Istrian Peninsula believed in the existence of vampire called Strigonigon. Wizards chanted incantations on these demons, thus after they died, they became undead and wandered around the village. And whose house was knocked by Strigonigon would suddenly die. And the surprising thing was that these things were exactly what was happening with Jure Grando. This made him regarded as a vampire.

Scientists also found many documents recording the harassment of Jure Grando in his village for 16 years, leaving all the locals in fear and terror before they decided to take action and kill vampires.

Vampires have always been a mystery, attracting many people and requiring more sufficient evidence to determine their history.

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