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Unique travel experiences at Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel

August 16, 2019

Being an architectural structure standing against the firm mountain in Norway, Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel offers travelers unique travel experiences. Read more detailed in this post.

Enjoy unique hotel experiences 

Now, travelers who visit Norway’s famous Preistolen cliff will be overwhelmed and immediately excited when they encounter the amazing architecture design Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – the upright hotel with its back to the cliff.

Deserve the best boutique hotel experiences

Coming to beautiful Norway country, devotees will not be able to skip the journey to the steep Preistolen cliff at an altitude of 604m. There, you can immerse yourself in the view of the Lysefjord fjord. Preistolen is so proud and challenging that it has become one of the most popular attractions in Norway. And this exotic paradise also makes the hearts of many adventurers excited since Concept Boutique Hotel was born and it became one of the unique travel destinations in Norway.

From a distance, the Cliff Concept Boutique masterpiece works like a giant luxury yacht that leans back against a sturdy mountain. Hayri Atak, a famous architectural brand in Turkey, came up with an idea for this classic hotel. It lies on a cliff between clouds of approximately 610m above the sea level, facing the fjord in southern Norway and offers luxury boutique hotel experience.

Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel consists of 4 floors with three balconies protruding from the cliff. The fourth floor stands out with a rectangular pool system that keeps the safety guy up with a clinging rope system. Its pool like miniature ocean in the sky, and visitors can enjoy here with unique travel experiences.

When making this unique architecture design, the Hayri Atak brand has been widely recognized with many inspiring architectures across Europe. The founder, Hayri Atak, is tasked with designing the top floor of this masterpiece, which is the foundation to open the door to 9 private rooms of the “palace” in the sky.

Each room in the hotel is designed with open glass doors and a spacious balcony for visitors to enjoy the pleasure of a true adventurer. Also, in this building, you will discover an additional restaurant and cafe with a world-class vision.

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