Unique dining experiences in Zurich

April 27, 2020

You are going to have your vacation in Zurich but have no idea of where to enjoy the best cuisines. Here are some suggestions that you can take to get unique dining experiences in Zurich.


unique experiences in Zurich

Unique experiences in Zurich / Ph: Pexels


Restaurant Les Halles


Address: 6 Pfingstweidstrasse, Industries Quartier Zurich, Zurich, 8005, Switzerland

To have the best dining in Zurich, a restaurant that you should give a visit is Les Halles. Being a converted factory rather than a new-built restaurant, it is perceived as one of the most vibrant places among Zurich’s new hip restaurants, promising to bring unique experiences in Zurich. Once coming here, you cannot miss moules et frites, mussels and French fries. This self-service restaurant has uncomplicated and relaxed atmosphere with live show and table football on particular nights.

The decoration seems eclectic as the owner prefers jumbled pieces of furniture and bicycles hanging on the ceiling rather than the modern furniture. Another reason why Les Halles is on the list of best fine dining restaurants in Zurich is its excellent Italian and French delicacies. Wonderful cuisine but reasonable price, there is nothing to hesitate.




Address: 4 Rämistrasse, Kreis 1 Zürich, Zürich, 8001, Switzerland

If you want to try the best fine dining in Zurich in a traditional style and way, the Kronenhalle should be on your list. It is an old gourmet institution in Zurich which mainly serve regional dishes. The beloved Swiss author Durrenmatt was also a guest here. When enjoying your meal in this one of the best luxury restaurants in Zurich, you can admire some artworks of Picassos and Miros, which makes this restaurant a long-time favourite.




Address: 61 Zeughausstrasse, Aussersihl Zurich, Zurich, 8004, Switzerland

A truly Italian restaurant which brings unique experiences in Zurich. As it is called, Italia serves genuine and traditional Italian meals. This is the reason why its menu is quite short, mainly focusing on selected specialities. No pizzas are available. Instead, it brings alla nonna – a real homemade meal. Italia is considered among the best luxury restaurants in Zurich thanks to its true passion for unpretentious and rural recipes.

The restaurant features a brilliant selection of meat and cheese directly taken from Italia. Besides, some traditional pasta which contains fresh and seasonal products are worth trying. If you are an Italian cuisine enthusiasts, don’t miss a chance to enjoy the best Italian meals here.

Les Halles, Kronenhalle and Italia are considered to be among the best fine dining restaurants in Zurich that give unique dining experiences to visitors.


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