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Unique contactless payment technology

September 01, 2019

Contactless payment technology is currently paying attention thanks to its benefits. Read this article for a few more outstanding products that have been launched.

The developing technology leads many inventors to bring out the most innovative applications that extremely convenient for consumers. So Is contactless payment safe? How many contactless payments can you make in a day? What are the disadvantages of contactless payment? How does contactless payment work? Let’s read some information below.

Contactless payment ring

Make payments by simply tapping your hand / Ph: McLear

UK-based McLear is roll out its latest connected jewel set, with contactless payments at the center of the operation. It’s a wearable that can bypass fitness and health tracking (unlike Motiv Ring or Oura Ring) and instead provides contactless payment technology packaged into contactless cards and bars.

Once you’ve paired the ring with the companion app, it will assign a secure, secure bank account between any of your cards (Visa and Mastercard and Amex). Setting up that account requires taking photos of an identification form, such as your driver’s license or passport, to verify the account. Once you have been verified, McLear says the information will be deleted and not stored anywhere.

TipTap – a wireless device for contactless payment

TipTap is a wireless mobile device that allows accepting any digital payment source at pre-set denominations. It works as a stand-alone point-of-sale device without the need for customers to carry around bulky equipment or sophisticated ancillary technology. TipTap provides a simple, affordable solution for small denominations, anytime, anywhere.

Clever cup – An unique contactless payment solution

Clever Cup utilizes contactless payment technology to enable customers to use reused coffee cups as a quick and convenient way to pay. Clever Cup customers can track their spending via bPay by Barclaycard technology. It is available on iPhone and Android devices. 

The smart cup is part of Costa Coffee, re-launching beyond the scope of reuse of the next generation, encouraging customers to use reusable cups instead of disposable takeaway cups. It follows the announcement of Costa Coffee in April to pledge to recycle 500 million cups carried away by 2020. This idea must be an excellent idea for both consumers and the environment around us.

Stay tuned for more updated news about latest innovative technology ideas on Vuhes.

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