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Unbelievably magical experience with the world’s 1st 360-degree Skyscaper pool

June 12, 2019

Let’s try this unbelievably magical experience once. It will be an unforgettable memory in your life.

The Compass-based ‘Infinity London’ pool has been turned into a new installation that can give swimmers an unbelievably magical experience.

A unique design helps you enjoy the wonderful space around you

Designed to sit on the top of London’s 55-storey hotel, the swimming pool will provide swimmers an uninterrupted 360-degree view to enjoy swimming. The pool will only be accessible through the base where swimmers will enter the submarine door at the spiral staircase for a dip without allowing any water to spill out.

Swimming pool The ‘Infinity London’ concept compass with transparent acrylic surfaces will further highlight the overarching view for swimmers to admire the London cityscape when above or below the surface. Contractors and partners for installation have not been confirmed, but construction may begin in 2020.

Imagine nothing but the sky above your horizon, clouds above you and even beneath you – right in the center of your city. It is not a dream, but the experience Infinity London hopes to bring, with a 360° infinity pool, right on top of a London skyscraper. The vision for Infinity London is unique.

A 600,000-liter infinity pool with no edge design at all four ends gives you a beautiful reflection of the sky above you, interrupted by concrete, bricks or ladders. The pool design is entirely primitive, unaffected by any foreign elements, and all swimmers will be able to see the water around them and the sky above them. The pool’s walls and floors are also made of solid, transparent acrylic material, giving you the feeling of swimming in closed, magical water.

Conceptualized by Compass Pools, Infinity London will sit atop a 55-storey hotel in London. Contractors and partners have not yet been confirmed, but construction can begin as early as 2020. Although its design is awe-inspiring to consider, it does not appear without the Its complicated, that is the absence of a swimming pool or a ladder. To present an evident, apparent pool design, Compass Pools had to review how swimmers would enter and exit the tank without the presence of a ladder or a lake.

This solution seems like a sci-fi movie. You will swim into the pool from its base, through a spiral staircase that opened like a submarine door to allow you to enter or exit the tank without water spilling out, or without a detail like a General ladder hinders the original design of the pool. The pool will provide a stunning view of London like never before, allowing you to swim while looking at the city from above when you stand at the edge of the pool. Stand in the center, and all you see is the sky above and the reflection of the sky above the water below you. It sounds like a magical experience!

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