TriSpan purchased Sk:n for £35 million

Recently, the private equity company TriSpan has announced to snap up skincare business Sk:n in a deal worth £35 million. This has brought a lot of advantages for both companies as well as customers.

About the acquisition

Sk:n is known as an UK-based skin care treatment clinic which uses its money to support a wide range of firms in the lower middle market. Its Opportunities Fund and Rising Stars Fund helped a lot of companies develop themselves in the beauty industry. Once TriSpan bought Sk:n, it is able to widen its dominance in the aesthetics business.  

Products of this brand are widely used by a lot of people all over the world/ Ph: Sk:n

According to CEO Darren Grassby, partnering with TriSpan gave Sk:n a number of great benefits. This helps foster the improvement of Sk:n to the higher level in the aesthetics market. The availability of TriSpan in the globe can encourage more customers to use Sk:n products. In addition, the long-term experience of TriSpan also helps propel Sk:n’s aesthetics business forward fastly in the future.

TriSpan has enough forces to boost the development of UK- based skincare clinic Sk:n/ Ph: Sk:n

At the same time, TriSpan’s European Private Equity Partners - Fady Michel Abouchalache and Joseph- Patrick Dib commented that their company was so happy to collaborate with Sk:n in order to strengthen its leadership position as well as increase its sales revenue. Until now, Sk:n has opened more than 50 clinics in the United Kingdom, concentrating on non-surgical cosmetic treatments and owns many aesthetic products with its own brand.


In short, the collaboration between TriSpan and Sk:n is such a great move by all the benefits listed above. Thanks to this, customers of Sk:n can have a chance to use high-quality products that are safe and beneficial for their skin.

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