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Top luxury island wellness retreats in Asia

August 26, 2019

Island wellness retreats are the current travel trend, especially the luxury travel segment. Are there any unusual places in Asia? Read more in this article.

Ph: Six Senses Con Dao

For those who love the tranquility and the beautiful scenery of the island paradise, will definitely have to record for themselves the list of resorts here to enjoy the most luxury island holidays.

Top luxury island wellness retreats in Vietnam

Vietnam recently is one of the hot spots for wellness retreats. Here are some ideal islands for your luxury island escapes.

1- Con Dao Island: It is famous for its pristine, beautiful beaches and smooth white sand that enchants tourists. In addition, the atmosphere on the island is immaculate and suitable for wellness retreat packages. Overall, this is an excellent destination for those who want to “escape” from the hustle and bustle.

2- Phu Quoc Island: Phu Quoc Pearl Island is located deep in the Gulf of Thailand and is a destination for tourists who like the form of vacation and discover the unique ecology here. Coming to Phu Quoc, visitors will be able to visit the island with many dimensions, be immersed into the freshwater and especially enjoy the specialties.

Top luxury island wellness retreats in Thailand

Bringing advantages with many beautiful islands and attractive services and activities, Thailand is a favorite destination in any season of the year.

Ko Tao Island is becoming a favorite destination for those with luxury island retreats needs. This island is deserted and has not been known by many tourists so that it can give visitors a great sense of tranquility. The blue sea is exceptionally shallow, suitable for those who are new to diving.

Top luxury island wellness retreats in Indonesia

Indonesia is an island nation with more than 6000 islands. It is also a paradise for those who love island wellness retreats.

1- Bali island: It is the first name on the list of the most beautiful tourist islands in Indonesia. On this beautiful island, there are brilliant blue beaches and the luxury island resorts very suitable for visitors who want to swim and have wellness retreat vacation packages.

2- Lombok Island: If you want to find a quiet space, a magnificent setting for health and wellness retreat packages, then Lombok Island is an excellent suggestion. This beautiful island located next to Bali is exceptionally peaceful. Visitors coming here can climb Rinjani sacred mountains as high as 3,726m and from there launch a panoramic view of the island even to Gunung Agung in Bali.

Choose for yourself the most suitable location for your luxury island wellness retreats.

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