Top beauty trends for spring 2017

Discover what top beauty trends for spring 2017 are by reading thoroughly this article and apply some for yourself.

The clothes are really inspiring during the Fashion Week, but the beauty seems to be more fun, and more economical. When it comes to beauty trend for spring 2017, the overall trend include cool ponytails, nail art, graphic eye liner. Most beauty trends for spring 2017 are easy to apply, both right now and next season. The followings are a list of beauty trends for spring 2017.


Blue Eyes


Smoky blue eyes are taking subtle approach this spring. Blue hues were everywhere this year, used in delicate strokes of liner to the full-on color splashes across the lid. It was said that blue is the warmest color. If you are not brave enough for the whole shade, try it in a dash of liner to catch the beauty trends for spring 2017.


Effortless, Easy Hair


In regard to latest beauty trends for spring 2017, effortless takes out. By apply this hair style, you will become a cool girl. The key to this style is blow drying with your fingers, not a brush.


Bottom Liner


The next one in this list of beauty trends for spring 2017 regarding makeup is bottom liner. We all love the impressive cat-eye or fun flick of color on above lash line, yet now it is time to apply bottom lash line. It does not matter which color you select, this move is always an easy switch.


Flushed Cheeks


Another trend among latest beauty trends for spring 2017 is flushed cheeks – the trend coming back with a vengeance. Everybody all loves somehow healthy flush so try it up. 


Glittery Lids


If you want to amp up your look in spring 2017 then add a little glitter to the lids. This is one of the biggest beauty trends for spring 2017. You can learn how to do it classy but subtly by seeing the looks shown at Delpozo and Baja East.


Bold Lips


Classic and neutral shades such as pinks, crimson, deep burgundies, or gorgeous nudes are becoming the top in 2017, making those crazy lipstick shades such as cobalt blue to be aside.


Pink Cheeks


If you go for subtly amped up flush, you will look fresh- faced as if you have sleeping 12 hours. The trick is to apply blushing on the cheekbones and then blend into hollows of the cheeks in order to mimic where kids naturally get pink in their face.


Tailored Nails


Bubble and coffin nails get noticed in 2016 in regard to beauty and style, yet in 2017, it is all about more natural – what I mean is more natural shape, no matter you keep short tips or just a touch on nails’ longer side. 


Fierce French Tips


Your French tip is, of course, classy, yet in 2017, the art game will be taken to the next level where you can create the new one on the so-called French tip like the image above.


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