Top 7 minute workouts for fat burning

Top 7 minute workouts reveals some of the best workouts people can do within just 7 minutes to burn fat.

Talking about HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the advantages can certainly outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, if we push our body to go harder and faster within such a short period of time like this, it can make us feel unpleasant, but the result you get is worth it: HIIT can help everyone burn a lot of belly fat, save time, and lose more calories as well (even after your workouts are prolonged more compared to a single lower-intensity workout.

1. 7 Minute Workouts – Jumping Jacks

This is the first one out on the list of 7 minute workouts for busy people that everyone can make use!

Warm up the body by a silny stint of jumping sets. Jump continuously in 30 seconds.


2. 7 Minute Workouts – Wall Sit

 Keep the back against a wall, stand still, place your feet about 2 feet out in front of the body. You should keep your feet a hip distance apart.

 Bend the knees and slide the back down the wall till the knees are at a right angle. Keep the knee joints over the ankle joints by inching the feet further from the wall so that you will have suitable alignment. Do not let the knees sway outward or fall in on the midline of the body.

 Hold for ½ minute.


3. 7 Minute Workouts – Push-Up

 Keep your body at plank position, with your shoulders over the wrists, the legs out behind your body, and your palms evenly spread out. Keep the back straight and pull your belly button in.

 As your body lowers and exhale, bend the elbows outward to your sides. Before raising back up, hold at the bottom.

 Repply this movement as hard as possible within ½ minute.



4. 7 Minute Workouts – Crunches

 Bend your knees and sit on your mat, and then plant the feet on the floor. Put the palms behind each ear.

 When exhaling, pull the abs in and lift the upper body up. Inhale when keeping your lower back down.

 To keep the neck from straining, down the chin, and ensure that your ribs are aligned with each hip.

 Repply this movement as hard as possible within ½ minute


5. 7 Minute Workouts – Plank

 Lie down on the floor with your face down or face your mat on the knees. Put the palms so that the shoulders are aligned with the wrists closing to the head.

 Push off the floor, spread your fingers and press them down with the palms, as well as raise up off the knees onto the toes at the same time. People can also rest on the forearms as shown.

 Contract the abdominals and for keeping the body up and preventing the booty from being sticked up, pull the belly button in.

 Stay in the position with your back flat, and hold for ½ minute.


The entire list today introduces five 7 minute workouts that everyone who wants to burn fat effectively but do not have enough time due to the busy modern life should make use. Try yourself and get a brand new lean body!

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