Top 4 vitamins for skin whitening effectively & quickly

Vitamins are not only an organic compound that is essential for the body's metabolism, but also improves and protects the skin from within.  That is why you want to have bright white and ruddy skin, you need to provide your body with some vitamins for skin whitening.  The following article will introduce you to the 4 most effective vitamins for skin whitening!

1. Vitamins for skin whitening: Vitamin A

 Vitamin A is known to be essential for the maintenance and repair of skin tissue cells.  If the body lacks Vitamin A, it is easy to see the difference, you are very likely to encounter conditions such as flaking, dryness, pigmentation or acne.

 Vitamin A not only helps the skin maintain youthfulness, limits the appearance of wrinkles, Vitamin A, vitamins for skin whitening, also provides moisture, the skin becomes white and visibly smooth.

If you want to improve skin, get the whitening effect from Vitamin A, you can simply choose to supplement it through your diet with foods such as: Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale,  spinach…

 You can also use skin care products containing derivatives of this ingredient or take vitamin A supplements or supplements. However, you need to do a thorough investigation to make sure.  Safe for skin and avoid affecting health.  If possible, it's best to consult a doctor directly.

2. Vitamins for skin whitening: Vitamin B

 Top 4 vitamins for skin whitening effectively & quickly

Milk is a good source of Vitamin B - one of vitamins for skin whitening / ph: pexels

Vitamins are one of the important nutrients in laying the foundation for the formation of skin, nails and hair cells.  If you are deficient in Vitamin B, you can develop skin inflammation (itchy skin, scaling reactions, even hair loss, baldness.

 In which, Vitamin B3 or niacinamide is a skin lightening agent, which prevents the signs of aging and reduces acne very much in recent years.  Possesses a powerful "anti-aging" bond thanks to its ability to slow down the transport of melanin to the skin's surface.

Therefore, Vitamin B3, vitamins for skin whitening, can improve skin pigmentation, making the skin even color.  Not only that, this is a nutrient that brings outstanding effectiveness in anti-inflammatory, acne prevention, sebum regulation, "building" the skin's natural protective barrier.  This is considered the "key" to nurture a smooth white, flawless radiant skin.

 For skin whitening through Vitamin B, you can use niacinamide products.  The effect is better, so you combine it with other powerful and stable antioxidants like green tea, catechins, quercetin and tocopherol.

 In addition, do not ignore foods with abundant and beneficial content of Vitamin B3 such as tomatoes, potatoes, tuna, eggs, chicken breast ... to improve and restore the skin better.

3. Vitamins for skin whitening: Vitamin C 

In term of vitamins for skin whitening, definitely cannot ignore Vitamin C. This is a nutrient that is not only necessary for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body (including the skin).  Extremely impressive skin lightening and care functions.

 Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, it has the ability to neutralize harmful free radicals from the external environment to prevent dullness, wrinkles, and even cancer.  So the skin is protected from within, making the skin healthy and bright.

Not only is it against the darkening agents such as UV light from the screen or environmental pollution, Vitamin C, one of vitamins for skin whitening, is highly valued for inhibiting skin pigmentation, lightening brown spots or skin areas.  

 Similar to other skin whitening vitamins, you can easily add Vitamin C to your body through food fortification such as bell peppers, kale, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi ..., dietary supplements.  Eating.

 In addition, for quick results, you should add Vitamin C skincare products to your skin care routine.

4. Vitamins for skin whitening: Vitamin E 

 Top 4 vitamins for skin whitening effectively & quickly

In chestnuts contain high amounts of Vitamin E - one of vitamins for skin whitening / ph: internet

Many studies have shown that, Vitamin E has the ability to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight.  Not only that, it is a powerful antioxidant that improves color tone.

 And one of the indispensable uses of Vitamin E is to help smooth the skin and effectively moisturize.  The use of Vitamin E will enhance the function of the skin's natural barrier function, thus, strongly against dark spots and dark spots.

For Vitamin E to promote the best whitening effect, you should combine it with Vitamin C or ferulic acid.  Many studies show that Vitamin C and Vitamin E duo which are vitamins for skin whitening, can even provide 4 times more skin protection and sun protection when used under sunscreen.  Therefore you can pay attention to make the most of this advantage.

 Besides, you can also increase Vitamin E through your daily diet with familiar foods such as avocados, sunflower seeds, almonds, ... This is one of the simple, good ways for health.  healthy and long-lasting.

 If you want to take Vitamin E in the form of drugs or supplements, consult your doctor to ensure it is safe.

Above are the 4 most effective vitamins for skin whitening.  You can use skin care products or food fortifications containing vitamins for skin whitening in a scientific way, you will notice a marked improvement in the skin.  You need to consistently use and follow a regular vitamin-rich diet to ensure it is effective.

Top 4 vitamins for skin whitening effectively & quickly

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The following vitamins for skin whitening help us to get smooth and white skin from the inside.

The following vitamins for skin whitening help us to get smooth and white skin from the inside.

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