Top 3 Interesting Beauty Innovations for Teens

Do you know what are in the top 3 interesting beauty innovations for teens? Read this article carefully to find out more information.

Are you in the hunt for the perfect source for top interesting beauty innovations for teens? Or looking for some new beauty innovations that helps bring inspiration? This article will be helpful to you.

#1: The Winky Lux Experience in New York City

The Winky Lux experience / Ph: Winky Lux

The Museum of Ice Cream, a pop-up that includes colorful sprinkles and other ice-themed settings, has encountered a bit of confusion when first opened. But people rushed there and the price per ticket in San Francisco up to $ 38 for 1,700 people every day. Maryellis Bunn, 26, the founder of this pop-up, only extends this concept to retail, opening a real ice cream/grocery store in New York City named the Pint Shop.

"The idea was to take those moments where you could create your own content and marry it with commerce,” Mackey - Winky Lux’s co-founder says. “If you don’t understand what Winky Lux is about when you walk through the door, well, we sort of beat you over the head with it!”

The Winky Lux experience / Ph: Winky Lux

#2: Pizza Eye Shadow Palette

 Every aspect of this eye-shadow palette is inspired by pizza  / Ph: Glamlite

Dubbed the "world's most delicious palette", Pizza Palette includes 18 eye shadows with shades like Extra Cheese (warm-toned orange), Ham (average pink color) and Marinara (crimson). They are named after popular pizza accouterments. Of the 18 shadows, there are rare neutral colors, with most colors being electric shades like glittery purple, orange-red, bubblegum-pink, and more. For this reason, this palette is not only perfect for pizza lovers but also a great gift for a makeup lover.

#3: Face Mask Sticks

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask / Ph: Milk Makeup

Some luxe mask products are combined with a brush-shaped masking tool to support. Over the past few years, sheet masks have become popular because of their ability to soothe and hydrate neatly. Especially it replaces clay and mud masks. Now, Milk Makeup is introducing two new outstanding mask products with double packaging as an easy-to-use applicator.

The Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask and the Matcha Detoxifying Face Mask are packaged in the same manner as the brand's stick-like skincare and makeup products. Milk Makeup notes that these formulas are highly concentrated, giving consumers all the benefits of traditional clay masks without causing unpleasant hardening sensation.

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