Top 10 most prosperous healthcare trends in 2019

In the last two years, the global health care market has increased by about 12.8 percent, which means that the health care market is becoming increasingly important. The demand of health care are more and more increasing, especially for luxury customers.

#1: CBD compound

According to a new study, Cannabidiol compound (CBD) that is a cannabis extract effective in reducing mental symptoms.

In fact, King's College researchers have discovered for the first time that CBD that is a non-toxic compound in cannabis can reduce mental symptoms.

CBD is a great healthy alternative for treating anxiety and other mood disorders / Ph: Pinterest

Moreover, some studies show that CBD is actually capable of reversing signs of aging.

Ph: Marijuanabreak

#2: Veganism

Fasting is a trend of many people today who want to protect their health. There are many reasons for you to be vegetarian; And no matter what your goal of vegetarianism is, that is also very encouraging. Vegetarianism has a multitude of benefits, the greatest benefit of a vegetarian diet that is good for human health.

#3: Personal nutrition

Mindful eating is an emerging trend in 2019. Besides, in the era of Fitbit and Apple Watch, by relying on a person's DNA, nutrition is personalized to serve that person's diet.

#4: Crystal healing

Using crystals in combination with meditation or mantra will be very effective. You can also place crystals around the house, in bed, desks, dining tables, places around you and your family to create a mental energy space.

Crystal healing / Ph: Jess Kay Designs

#6: Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that was developed in India for thousands of years ago. Ayurveda has evolved and is growing today thanks to some ancient essays; the most interesting essay is Atharva Veda from five thousand years ago.

By practicing Ayurveda we replace the finite with the infinite and as “little gods” we can take on the greatest tasks of self-healing / Ph: Pinterest

Vedic ancient literature was written by the sages that gave instructions to maintain health as well as to fight the disease through massage therapy, herbal medicine, diet adjustment and fitness well suited.

#7: Wellness trips

Wellness Trips encourage each other to take care of your body and mind by attending a health retreat together / Ph: Fusion Resort Cam Ranh

Instead of going on a classic vacation, some travelers are choosing to travel together with care services, improving health and spiritual life. This is also a good health care trend.

#8: Shorter workouts

life is becoming more and more busy, many people spend very little time exercising, even many people don't have time to do it. HIIL is a good solution! HIIT is quickly becoming popular in recent years. It is ranked as the leading workout trend in 2018 by a global survey.

#9: Rowing classes

Rowing requires you to use large forces with a quick and decisive move. Therefore, rowing movements can help you lose weight easily, to reverse muscle function decline.

#10: Cutting down on social media

Asking young people to reduce their use of social media is important to public health. It can be said that this action has the same purpose as the campaigns that are conducted to curb smoking and drinking alcohol.

Try applying the above mentioned trends and feel the difference.

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