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To restore your body and your soul

July 28, 2019

Wellness and health retreats are on-trend these days. If you escape from your daily stress and responsibility, take a look at some of the best retreats in the world listed in the article.

Golden Door

Golden Door is one of the best luxury health retreats in the world which is in San Marcos, California. It also ranks as the #1 destination spa by Travel and Leisure magazine. This resort is inspired by the nature and the architecture of Asian. With 30 miles of private hiking trails, a bamboo forest and zen gardens, this exclusive resort will make you feel peaceful and comfortable. Another reason which puts Golden Door in top luxury wellness retreats is that it offers personal training sessions, airport transfers, spa treatments,…

Wellness retreats help you to escape from the stressful work and busy life

That makes many visitors pleased is that the sources of food served are from the resort’s gardens. As it is in the list of best luxury detox retreats, the price, of course, must be high, which is about $5400 for 3 nights and $7200 for 4 nights.

Mulia Bali

Located in Indonesia, Mulia Bali is the second destination in the list of top luxury health retreats that we want to introduce to you. You should head to Indonesia to take part in the Mulia’s Lifestyle Wellness Program to achieve peace of mind and enjoy its best wellness services. There are many customized activities. All of them aim at improving your physical and mental health. You can enjoy aqua aerobics, yoga, healthy meals, Ayurvedic practices, Balinese massage, body treatments, reiki and salt scrubs.

The amount of money you have to pay for each night in this one of the best luxury health retreats is at $750. However, many people are willing to spend because Mulia Bali offers them a chance to explore the restorative spa with a therapeutic called Ice Room.
Mulia Bali and Golden Door are just two of the top luxury health retreats which provide you with a solution to escape from your stressful work and your busy life. If you want to take a break, these health-focused resorts are the best ones to consider. Keep reading Vuhes daily for more updates about the best luxury health retreats in the world.

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