This Japanese startup company offers vegetarians a home cooking solution

In the present age, the number of people who tend to be vegetarian is more and more increasing. Thus, airKitchen was established to provide home-cooked Japanese meals for vegetarians and vegan.

The popularity of vegetarianism for Japanese

Previously, vegetarianism was associated with monks who were practicing. In fact, today, vegetarianism has become a trend of many countries including Japan. Not only older people but young people also look to vegetarian food as a solution to protect health. Many people see their change, more compassionate and compassionate, thanks to the vegetarian diet.

Ph: airKitchen

Today, the benefits of being vegetarian are not only recognized by scientists in theory, but also by vegetarian dieters by their own experience.

For Japanese people, there are many benefits of being a vegetarian. It is true to say that. Vegetarianism helps strengthen vitality, provides adequate energy and harmonizes balance of nutrients in the body. Besides, vegetarians are usually not obese and avoid a maximum of dangerous diseases such as arthritis, asthma, allergy, cardiovascular, cancer, etc.

Solutions for vegetarian and vegan meals at home

The fact of the matter is that there are many tourists or indigenous people who are vegan or vegan who have a hard time finding options in Japan. It is possible that airKitchen service can support them to solve these difficulties.

airKitchen connects travelers with Japanese landlords who offer vegetarian and vegan meals / Ph: airKitchen

airKitchen was established in April 2018 with the aim of transforming the meat and milk diet into a vegetarian diet. airKitchen has impressed many Japanese people and more than 2,000 customers from many countries around the world. airKitchen is available in more than 30 major cities throughout Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka as well as further locations.

airKitchen is known as a sharing service that allows travelers everywhere in Japan to browse servers and meals in different cities. Thus, it can be said that airKitchen is a new service in Japan that connects travelers with Japanese landlords who offer vegetarian and vegan meals at their home.

Besides, airKitchen allows travelers from all around the world to book an authentic cooking class by Japanese hosts in their homes. Learn to cook homemade Japanese food and enjoy the warmth of eating around a dinner table with Japanese locals.

airKitchen wishes for tourist to gain an unforgettable first-hand experience of the daily Japanese lifestyle and Japanese culture through their local food adventures.

Overall, When traveling in Japan, if you want to have a home-cooked Japanese meals for vegetarians and vegan, let's try airKitchen.

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