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The world’s smartest vanity mirror ever

August 09, 2019

HiMirror Mini Premium X, a high tech makeup mirror, will be introduced at Beautycon LA 2019 in Los Angeles on August 10th and 11th. Let’s take a look at the amazing augmented reality (AR) technology.


HiMirror provides smart beauty experience to users / Ph: HiMirror

HiMirror Mini Premium X and HiMirror Slide

Since its foundation, HiMirror has been perceived as the beauty revolution. By introducing creative beauty innovations, HiMirror does well at providing smart experience to its consumers.

HiMirror’s brand new product launch will be on August 10th and 11th. The cost of each smart beauty mirror is $269. HiMirror Mini Premium X will still have all the incredible functions of the HiMirror Mini. Add to that, the physical designs will create a greater smart experience to beauty lovers. There is a rotatable panel aiming at optimal viewing angles by allowing users to turn the mirror 180 degrees. Moreover, this virtual makeup application includes a wireless charging pad which is compatible with smartphones for the greatest convenience to the users.

One of the latest beauty product launches of HiMirror, HiMirror Slide, will be launched in October. This flawless makeup application is expected to provide a completely updated look and feel from the brand’s prior useful beauty tools. The panel of HiMirror Slide is just about 8 inches – the most compact among all the models. So if you are interested in this personalized technology but have limited space, HiMirror Slide will be a wise choice.

The amazing functions

Many beauty lovers are waiting for the launch of this latest beauty technology. The main function of HiMirror involves in-depth skincare analysis which is carried out based on different conditions, including the conditions of the skin, weather, news and more. This innovative beauty product also keeps an updated record on the skin of the users to track their process. Its Beauty Box allows users to check the effectiveness of their skincare and beauty products. The app SkinSAFE is installed in this flawless makeup application so that users can review a product’s ingredients and allergens.

HiMirror is a perfect augmented reality technology for the beauty industry. It will be sold at Beautycon LA at booth 803. If you are interested in its amazing functions, let’s come to experience. Following Vuhes daily for more updates about beauty tech trends.

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