The world's most expensive SUV

IAT - a car company based in Beijing, China has launched the world's most expensive super SUV named Karlmann King. It looks unique with luxurious interior and especially, its price is up to 3.8 million USD.

Karlmann King deserves to be the true king in the SUV world.

Karlmann King was designed by a Chinese company named IAT. Karlmann King will give you a luxurious experience that has never been on any luxury SUV. This model was created by a team of 1,800 designers and engineers. Karlmann King SUV is inspired by stealth fighter.

#1: Appearance

The body is designed with angular cut lines like diamonds. With the highest version, its body is also bulletproof to protect people in the car. The black painted car makes the car more powerful.

Its body is bulletproof to protect people in the car / Ph: Karlmann King

IAT engineers have developed a seamless body frame that is used on heavy vehicles like the Ford F-550 to support a body that weighs up to 6 tons. The material used for bodywork is the type that can operate in the harshest weather conditions from -40 degrees to 90 degrees C.

#2: Interior

The interior of the car is very luxurious. Materials like alcantara leather and wood are covered throughout the cabin. The rear passenger compartment is separated from the cabin by a large screen TV. Karlmann King also provides facilities such as PS4 game console, coffee maker, mini fridge, safe box.

Ph: Karlmann King

#3: Engine

This super car owns 6.8-liter V10 engine block that was loaded with natural gas from Ford F-550 Super Duty. It can produce 400 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque. This model can reach a maximum speed of 140 km / h despite it has enormous size.

#4: Price

Karlmann King is priced in China from $2 million for the standard version and the most advanced version with bulletproof body is priced at $3.8 million.

With luxurious interiors and bulletproof tires with prices up to $3.8 million. Karlmann King deserves to be called the king of SUVs.

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