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The world’s most expensive men’s perfume

July 28, 2019

Perfume is not women’s privileges only. Nowadays, there are many perfume brands for men. Men can choose the perfume what they like easily than ever. They can buy from regular perfume to luxury one. It comes to the luxury perfume, if you can’t help but mention Billionaire Fragrance for Men – which is considered as one of the most luxury male perfume. Our below article will help you better find out this kind of perfume.

“Billionaire Fragrance for Men”- The world’s most expensive men’s perfume

Billionaire Fragrance for Men – The world’s most expensive men’s perfume

If it comes to designer Leon Verres, this name definitely reminds you of a special perfume for men in the world: Billionaire Vodka. But Billionaire Vodka is not all things related to this talented designer. Because he has come back & introduce to us another lavish fragrance. This one of a kind perfume is named Billionaire Fragrance for Men.

It contains 100ml Eau de Perfume. This luxury fluid is filtered through diamonds. This special filtering process gives the most luxury perfume brand magical scent. People who are luxury lovers can’t resist breathtaking scent of Billionaire Fragrance for Men. The difference of Leon Verres’s perfume is not only the scent, but also a dignified packaging. The bottle is extremely elegant with more than sparkling 1000 precious diamond on it. So, there is nothing to be surprised when you see its price. Yes, the luxury version of this perfume costs 2.25million dollars.

When customers purchase their order, they can receive a VIP card. This card allows them to contact the designer of perfume – Leon Verres directly. This version is not for everyone, for only the super-rich people. But don’t be sad! You still have chance to experience because regular version is also sold for shoppers who don’t have 2.25 million dollars available. But this version doesn’t have bottle with diamond. It is only a 100ml bottle with fragrance – soaked wool label. Would you like to have a bottle of Billionaire Fragrance for Men?

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