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The weirdest celebrity beauty treatments

June 09, 2019

A lot of people are wondering about things celebrities do to look good at everytime they appear in front of the cameras. It is said that celebrities often use luxurious skincare products to maintain their look everyday. However, there are some celebrities who have strange beauty treatments that somehow will make other people surprised. In order to know more about Hollywood skincare secrets, let’s check out in this article.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s fruity toothpaste

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s fruity toothpaste / Ph: pinterest

People often avoid fresh fruit such as pineapple and strawberry to scrub their teeth as they are afraid of the amounts of sugar of these fruits that will maintain on their teeth. Nevertheless, Catherine usually uses strawberry seeds instead of toothpaste. As a result, her teeth are very white and she is really into it.

Jennifer Lopez’s obsession of placenta facials

A key to get a glowing skin of Jennifer Lopez is applying placenta facials regularly. This helps her have a fresh and youthful look, which can slow the process of aging.

Kate Hudson uses ice water to revitalize her glow

Kate Hudson uses ice water to revitalize her glow / Ph: pinterest

Kate finds that freezing cold water can help reduce puffiness while boosting circulation for her skin. Thus, she does not hesitate to use this beauty treatment every week.

Overnight tanning mask of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley often put a bit of cream of James Read’s Sleep Mask Tan Body before going to bed. This product helps her build a sun-kissed tan day after day.

Emma Stone is obsessed of different kinds of oils

Because of having sensitive skin, Emma turns to products that can help her skin hydrated and calm. Argan, coconut and olive oils are her top favorites. On her sink, there always has a bottle of olive oil for her to douse at anytime.

The products she uses are natural and affordable/ Ph: pinterest

Jessica Biel with lace sheet mask

Sheet masks can be said to be one of celebrity skincare secrets for flawless skin. With Jessica Biel, she often use Dermovia’s Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Water sheet mask with an aim to opening pores and absorbing rich nutrients. She loves this kind of mask so much that there was one time she posted a pic of herself with this mask on social media.

Special vodka mouthwash of Victoria’s Secret models

People usually buy mouthwash to make their mouth cleaner. For some of Victoria’s Secret models, they use a homemade mixture of cinnamon, fresh mint and vodka instead of spending money purchasing a product.

Katie Holmes loves snail slime skincare products

Knowing that snail slime has a combination of protein, glycolic acid and elastin, Katie decides to smear them on her skin on a regular basis. As a result, she owns a soft and glowing skin.

Cate Blanchett’s favorite facial is the penis one

There was controversy information about Cate’s facial which was performed by celebrity facialist Georgia Louise. However, this penis facial is really effective as it helps harvest stem cells from the foreskin and make into a collagen generating serum.

Special facial masks of Kate Middleton and Irina Shayk

While Kate Middleton has an interest in bee venom face masks which can lifts, firms and promises anti-aging skincare, Irina Shayk is really into the 24k Oure Gold Leaf Face Mask. This mask can not only renew cells, improve skin’s elasticity but it can also release wrinkle depth.

Irina Shayk is really into the 24k Oure Gold Leaf Face Mask / Ph: Facebook

Angelina Jolie likes to indulge in caviar body treatments

This celebrity beauty treatment is a little bit high-end but it can firm and moisturize the skin very well. That is the reason why Ange used this treatment during her pregnancies in order to avoid stretch marks.

Gwyneth Paltrow ’s vagina steaming

If you think steam cleaning is just for carpets, you are totally wrong. Gwyneth uses vagina steaming for her health and beauty because she knows that this beauty treatment can help her balance hormones, maintain internal health while keeping a young and healthy skin.

Bird poop facials are Victoria Beckham’s favorite facial masks

Bird poop is not just as bad as you think. It can lock in moisture and guanine to give people a brightening skin. Therefore, people can reduce anti-aging on their face.

The blood moisturizer of Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin extracts her blood from her arm, then separates the plasma and white blood cells to add to a cream in order to reprogramme her skin. By doing this, she can fight off signs of aging on her face.

Overall, those are among the strangest celebrity beauty treatments in the world. The article somehow can answer the question of how to get glowing skin like celebrities. You can read and find the suitable one to include in your skincare daily routine.

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