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The use of celery for health and beauty

January 12, 2020

Celery is a familiar vegetable for many people. In fact, it has a lot of benefits to beautify. Here are some health and beauty benefits of Celery.

In fact, Celery has a lot of benefits to beautify / Ph: Instagram@celeryjuicebenefits


According to scientific studies, in 100g celery contains more than 90% water with many vitamins, proteins and minerals. In addition, the fiber content of celery will assist the human body to absorb nutrients, limiting the harmful effects of toxins.


Prevent cancer

Celery is one of the foods that can prevent cancer effectively. This vegetable contains Flavonoids, Phthalides, Polyacetylenes which are effective against pathogens such as breast cancer, small bowel cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer. In addition, Apigenin in celery can inhibit the growth of tumors, minimize the formation and growth of cancer cells.

Reduce inflammation

Celery contains antioxidants and polysaccharides that act as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. In particular, the flavonoids and polyphenols found in celery support overall health, especially for the elderly, by combating the damaging effects of the body’s own inflammation.

Treatment of high blood pressure

The apigenin found in celery works to dilate blood vessels, reducing the level of irritation in your blood. Many studies show that regular use of celery is a good way to prevent and effectively prevent the increase of blood pressure on coronary arteries.

Help you sleep better

Celery contains alkali. They can reduce stress and soothe nerves. Therefore, regular use of celery can help users to have a deeper and more stable sleep.

Effective weight loss support

Celery is one of the top choices for those who are planning to lose weight. This vegetable is rich in nutrients and fiber but low in calories. Therefore, regularly eating celery will help you control your weight status.

Beauty skin, reduce aging

Drinking a glass of celery juice every day will help your skin look great. Because the content of potassium and vitamins in celery juice is very high, works to enhance elasticity and keep the skin healthy. Along with that, anti-oxidants help fight skin aging, prevent the formation of wrinkles to help skin stay fresh and smooth.

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