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The Unique Outdoor Furniture For Home Decoration

March 15, 2019

The new wooden outdoor furniture collection by Italian bran Riva 1920 is fantastic since it is classical and modern. All cedar wood furniture is made completely by hand without any further treatments. Any cracks and changes in conditions of wood are unique characteristics of the particular furniture unit. And the most special thing about this collection is that the color of the furniture can change into dove-gray with time and varying environmental conditions.


Image result for MAUI armchair

The wooden furniture collection of Riva 1920 /Ph: Riva 1920

Let’s take a glance at some parts of the collection

#1: MAUI armchair

Ph: Riva 1920

MAUI armchair is designed by Californian designer – Terry Dwan. It is special armchair which is made from single block of aromatic cedar. This is a curvy and sinuous design which will give a comfort seat while working or relaxing. You can also add tubular legs and iron plate to the chair.

#2: LOVE SEAT bench

Ph: Riva 1920

#3: BRIDGE coffee table

Ph: Riva 1920

#4: PURE bench

Ph: Riva 1920

LOVE SEAT bench is designed by British designer Jake Phipps. Just like its name, it is a bench for two from a single piece of tree trunk.

#5: LEGNO VIVO and ECO small tables

Ph: Riva 1920

LEGNO VIVO and ECO small are designed by CR & S. of Riva 1920. They are made from a section of a tree trunk. It looks like small logs that are available in various diameters and heights.

#6: CLESSIDRA stool

Ph: Riva 1920

CLESSIDRA stool is a design of Mario Botta. This wood stool which is alike an hourglass consists of two semicircles positioned one on top of the other. In the hole in the center of the seat, a built-in metal pin that can be inserted into in order to help users connect various stools on top of each other.

Here is the new wooden furniture collection by Riva 1920 that will help your house more unique. If you like to update more unique furniture for home decoration like this, check out daily.


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