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The revival of craftsmanship

January 31, 2020

In front of a series of consumer clarifications about the origin, material, and manufacturing processes of the products, manufacturers and retailers decided to revitalize the craftsmanship and supply chain.


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Craftsmanship is always in fashion

In a world where digital technologies dominate in many aspects of life, craftsmanship gradually returns and is still popular. Craftsman, they are the creators of physical objects by their own hands without the need for computers or digital technology. Although such a movement appeared in the 1970s in North America, it recently crossed the border. In big cities like New York, London, and Berlin, “manufacturers” have become increasingly important in recent years.
Look at the labels like Gucci, its clear that good tailors and accomplished craftsmen have now become paramount. In a fast-paced fashion world, it seems like this is the only way to fight the thousands of similar, stereotyped and boring patterns. And that is exactly what Italian fashion brands has made for their most recent collections.

London Craft Week – This five-day event has presences of some famous fashion names including Mulberry, Gieves & Hawkes, Christian Louboutin, Le Kilt, Loewe, Alice Archer, and Delpozo. All of them have participated in conferences, exhibitions, and events aimed at linking craft and fashion tightly.
Highlighted among the hottest fashion trends nowadays, Craftsmanship has well-known brands. Il Bisonte – a long established Italian heritage brand which is an accessible luxury for free spirits who love beauty and comfort. Generally, their customers have the casual-chic attitude far from the taste of the masses. The customers also can recognize and appreciate the authenticity of their products.

If honoring craft is crucial to maintaining a fashion workforce, its current renaissance can also be attributed to the current rhetoric surrounding sustainability says Samantha Roach, founder and designer at Le Kilt – London Fashion Week.
With the popularity of famous fashion brands as well as the popularity of handicraft shops, you do know how popular handicrafts are now. If you want a delicate and unique item, do not skip it.
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