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The power of choice in life

January 02, 2020

You have the power to choose things that go with your values and strengths or how to react to any circumstance in life. Your choices might benefit your life and the people around you.

Life is all about choices
Life is all about choices/ Ph: Pexels

There are something in life that you can’t choose, such as your gender or where you are from, but you have the power to choose your own story and make your life better.

What can you choose in life?

Everyone has the power to choose what they absorb and release. You can choose where your mind focuses, how you use your words, and how you treat yourself as well as others. You can choose to close this door, and open the other one. Although there are things in life that you need to consider, you are the one who decide what you share, what you keep, and what you let go. You can choose to stay mad or forgive and go on.


You can choose how long you wait to reach for hope. Also, it depends on your choices whether you see the world with gratitude or resentment. Then you might have the question why there are people who are in pain? Sometimes it is not because they choose despair or insecurity, shame or boredom, but they might forget their power or underestimate the power of choice.

The power of choice

It is possible that doubt, complaint, and fear lead you to more to doubt, complain, and fear. Your pressure builds, so why don’t you choose to think different? By paying attention to your thoughts and choosing your response to what you feel, you can make your life happier. Also, keep in mind that it’s never too late to make a different choice. Even when you are depressed and don’t think clearly, you can still have the power to choose peace of your mind.

By changing your way of thinking, you can soften the anger, fear, and sorrow. Things can easily go out of control, but you need to remember your power to choose so that all the positive, empowering choices will bring you a completely new world.

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