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The latest and special Audi’s City Car

May 07, 2019

Recently, Audi has introduced its latest and incredible product Audi’s City Car in a Shanghai Auto Show. If you love cars and plant, then this car will be a perfect one for you. The article will provide some information about this special product line.


Audi’s new car is called the city car of the future. The manufacturer uses modern cutting-edge technology in this new car, along with other amazing technology. Audi’s City Car of the future is perceived as ‘Audi AI:ME’. The car was built according to a self-driving concept for over 15 years of research and testing process. However, if you like, you completely can drive it yourself.

It took over 15 years to build this autonomous car

This new development in the car industry carried by Audi will lead to more safety, less congestion. Driving, therefore, is no longer the nightmare to some people with this autonomous car. Its size also suits the urban environment where there are many people, cars and congestion. Despite the size, Audi designer James Nissen made spacious interior for the car, making it a truly third living area beside your workplace and your home.

The design

James Nissen explains that they design the interior of this new Audi based on the customer’s experience. Putting themselves in consumers position, they try to focus on the interior so to help consumers to avoid the noise and hectic while comforting consumers more.

The most interesting thing is the existence of plant life. Consumers can see living plants through the roof of the car, which makes them feel relaxed. Bringing nature into the roof of the car also helps to improve the air quality in the big city. All of its temperature, the light and the seat contribute greatly to a perfect atmosphere inside the car.

Audi has been admired for a long time due to their creativeness. With this new Audi’s City Car, they not only can increase sales revenues but also contribute to environmental protection.


Ph: Audi

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