The largest health and beauty retailer in the globe

Hong Kong- based AS Waston Group, the world’s largest health and beauty retailer is said to combine customer relationship management ( CRM) techniques with predictive modelling in order to drive growth.

Along with Maybelline , they unveiled Jeffree Star Cosmetics at ICI Paris XL shops in Europe and Asia.

Personalised brings increasing sales for Maybelline

The campaign, with the support from the group’s customer intelligence team AS Waston DataLab, creates communication with customers via an electronic direct mail. Customers are able to experience the newest and the most attractive products of the brand. Thanks to the campaign, Maybelline’s sales reached double- digit growth more than the previous year. L’ Oreal Thailand Consumer Products Division General Manager Geoff Bellingham said that their Wastons Thailand CRM programme helped them acquire new customers and encourage them to buy the brand’s products again.

This campaign attracted over 170,000 clients to buy into the label/ Ph: AS Waston Group

Predictive modelling releases risks with new labels

AS Waston’s European retail brand ICI Paris XL unveiling Jeffree Star’s cosmetic range last year created a digital campaign to customers. It concentrated on people who love the beauty line from the cross- dressing social media superstar. As a result, this approach attracted more than 300,000 shoppers with an open rate of 25% and 40% of them then visited the label’s website again. Jeffree Star reported that AS Waston offered her the necessary tools to target her beauty lovers and fans who like to create fun, bright and innovative beauty appearances.

AS Waston Group has nearly 15,000 shops in 25 markets attracting thousands of people to shop across its 12 retail brand/ Ph: AS Waston Group

In conclusion, what the world’s largest health and beauty retailer Hong Kong- based AS Waston Group has done helps it a lot in driving its growth. It captured beneficial opportunities to attract more customers to increase its sales, which is a good way for other companies to follow.




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