The importance of saving money for the future

November 09, 2019

Besides making money, saving money is also the necessary thing everyone should do because of so many reasons. The unexpected risks will come at any time you’re not wary. Therefore, that you have saving money will never be redundant in your life. Go to the details, we will show the importance of saving money.


Saving money make our life happier


Savings for emergency situations


A savings amount will help you deal with unexpected difficulties, such as car damage, illness, unemployment. In addition, you should have a solid plan and a good insurance package to ensure financial resources and health without depending on relatives or friends.


Improving life 


If you are planning to buy or upgrade your house, change a new car then save now so you don’t have to worry about making money later. By accident, the house price decreases, it will be a good opportunity for you to catch it. On the other hand, when you have a big saving money, you can buy everything you want without minding about the price.


Savings for retirement


Nobody wants to grow old without their own money. It’s great if you save when you’re young. And when you have a stable amount of money, you can allow yourself to retire earlier so that you can enjoy the happy days with family and friends as well as reward yourself for more comfortable travel trips.

Saving money early is important. But “saving” is far different from “mingy”. Don’t let it become stressful when only save but spend. Therefore, we give you some best tips and tricks to save and spend money reasonably to balance your life.


#24-hour rule


Shopping in an impulsive way often leads you to buy unnecessary items, reducing your savings. So take a day to ask yourself if that thing you “want or need”. If it is really needy thing, you buy and vice versa. For example, buying the right things for long-term goals as a computer or a pair of good glasses is also a way to save money wisely. If you can answer this question, you will not “over-spending”.


#Set a suitable budget plan and follow it


It is the best tip to save money fast and much. You need to consider your earnings to set a spending limit for yourself. The financial community often calls it “50 – 30 – 20”. It means: You can spend 50% of your budget on the most important things (housing, food, education, etc), 30% of your private demand (shopping), and 20% to save.

The other creative ways to save money is that you can set to transfer automatically salary to your savings account or use popular money-saving apps.


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