The growth of spiritual travel trends

April 28, 2020

There are more and more people who want to participate in spiritual retreat trips. They want to get away from their daily pressures and feeling refreshed by finding interesting in discovering other nations’ cultures and art.


Yoga and meditation practices help you find inner peace


Spiritual healing vacations are going to be a new trend in the global wellness tourism industry. People opt for spiritual retreat trips to escape their tiring and exhausting daily routine. When it comes to spiritual escapes, you have several options. In this article, we will provide the most spiritual destinations in the world.


#1: Spiritual travel destinations for Yoga and Meditation practices


The explanation for the growth of the global spiritual tourism can be the rising awareness about the concepts of yoga and meditation retreats. Wellness travellers travel for the purpose of wellness activities such as spas, yoga and meditation, and spiritual retreats. People seek these therapies to maintain general wellness and also for the treatment of their problems like stresses in life or serious conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, etc.

Due to the increasing demand for wellness tourism options, the global travel and tourism industry is expected to experience a significant growth in the near future. Tourists are looking for new ways of relaxation to re-energise themselves. Furthermore, people prefer quiet wellness locations to get away from the fast moving urban life and to rejuvenate their personal health. This attitude has made luxury hotels to develop a palette of wellness services such as spiritual activity centres, occupational health therapy, yoga, and meditation centres to meet the demands of their customers – wellness travellers.

When people decide where to go for spiritual healing, they opt for the United States in the North America region because this place is one of the largest markets in the wellness tourism industry. Another popular destination is India which has a rich heritage of yoga and meditation knowledge passed on from the past centuries. A large number of travellers from all over the world spend their yoga and meditation holidays every year in this country. Also, the wellness centres in the Asia Pacific region are well-known for treating various diseases through yoga and meditation, which leads to the growth of wellness tourism industry in the region.


#2: Religious tourism in Asia Pacific 


The religious tourism industry in Asia Pacific is affected by harsh weather conditions which  cause roadblocks, heavy rainfalls, landslides, and even loss of lives. This factor is a major challenge to the growth of the religious tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to that, religious locations are also facing with the problem of waste management as well as air and water pollution due to the huge number of travellers and vehicles. Although the religious tourism in Asia Pacific has been challenged, there are plenty of places and ancient sites in this region that have religious influences such as Sensoji temple in Tokyo, Varanasi in India, Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan, Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar and Bodh Gaya in India.



Religious tourism has the purpose of bringing people together to admire and protect the heritage of the religion. There are several factors that are driving the growth of religious tourism in Asia Pacific. Firstly, there is an increasing number of domestic and international travellers in this region, resulting in the growth of religious tourism in this destination. The continuous growth of the religious tourism industry has contributed to the political stability and the growth of income levels of the middle-class population. Therefore, most of the developed spiritual destinations have outstanding human resources, world-class transport infrastructure, and a high degree of ICT readiness.

Secondly, wellness travellers are looking for more authentic experiences and want to engage themselves in the cultural and spiritual traditions. Other prominent growth driver is the growth in the overall tourism industry in Asia Pacific thanks to the growth of wellness tourism trends, including several tourist segments. Next, a lot of tourist companies and boards are promoting religious tourism. And there are more and more people seeking diversification within a tour or a holiday, making this willingness a strong driver for religious tourism in Asia Pacific.


#3: The growth of art tourism


There is a large number of wealthy travellers who travel to other countries to attend paintings or sculpture exhibitions or to enjoy traditional shows. Art tourism has become popular in the tourism industry in the last decade. Because of its popularity, the government in these countries are focusing on gearing modernisation and service improvements to promote their native arts and boost their local travel industry. However, it is expensive and is limited up to a certain category of travellers. With that being said, only those who are interested in all forms of art, including music, sculpture, dancing, painting and various types of food and wine festivals are joining art tourism. 


Art tourism has contributed to the economic development


Art and cultural tourism has contributed to the economic development of the particular country. Not only does it give an opportunity to the talented artists to showcase their talents but it also attracts profitable business in that particular place where art tourism is conducted. Aside from that, art tourism also builds the economy at a local level, enhances non-art businesses and provides job opportunities for locals. Additionally, the art related events are organised for charity. The amount collected from the tourists will be used to educate poor students or donate to non-profit organisations for them to continue their noble work.

According to several studies, there are a few factors that has driven the growth of the global art tourism. First of all, wealthy people prefer including art tourism in their tour plan, so they can spend more on concerts or events. Also, tourists who come from different countries are usually interested in historical and cultural places. Aside from that, the growth of handicrafts is contributing to the art tourism as well. The popular destinations for art tourism are Venice, Athens, Istanbul… However, art tourism is still not easily affordable and the main consumers at the moment are people with high income.

In conclusion, the rising interest in art and culture tourism, wellness tourism trips or holistic wellness vacation among tourists will continue to boost the wellness tourism industry in the long run. 

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