The global airport app - FLIO reaches 1 million installs

The one-stop global airport app has reached an important usage threshold. Passengers also receive valuable services.

FLIO, the one-stop global airport app for travelers, has reached an important usage threshold with more than a million installations of consumers worldwide.

FLIO is always rated higher than 4.4 in the app store / Ph. Pinterest

An app for the entire service at the airport for you

This makes FLIO ‘flight companion’ with the most used airport app in the world, according to the founder of FLIO - Stephan Uhrenbacher. Application usage has tripled in half in 2018.

"Passengers love certainty. On top of providing the most comprehensive information about all commercial airports in the world, we have built the best flight information service on the market today. Drawing from different sources such as aggregators, individual airports and airlines, FLIO currently has the most up-to-date information on flight departure times and gate changes on the market,” he said.

Thanks to the increasing cooperation of FLIO with important airport service providers, passengers also receive valuable guidance and information as well as special incentives for most busy airports of the world. They can also access more than 1,500 services that can be booked immediately, from airport flights such as Heathrow Express to lounges or fast track, all directly in the app.

FLIO is always rated higher than 4.4 in the app store and is rated by PCMag and Computerworld as one of the best applications in 2018.

The goal of FLIO is to make passengers aware of all aspects of their trip through the application platform.

“In the near future, we strive to give passengers even better information, changing the airport experience from the most stressful part of the journey to an efficient and enjoyable one,” - Uhrenbacher commented.

FLIO is the first and only global airport app that acts as a centralized solution, helping airport passengers throughout the journey and generating commercial revenue for airports, brands and retailers.

If you have the opportunity to go to the airport, try using this great app.


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