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The role of social media in retail 2019

March 12, 2019

#1: Marketing with caution and creativity

In such a skeptical world like this nowadays, labels need to tread carefully. What they should do is to nurture the audience. In order to develop such appropriate, joined-up messaging strategies, what should be done is building up a group that includes representatives in public relations as well as social media. There are so many brands becoming successful when applying this strategy, especially skincare and beauty label Glossier.

Ph: Glossier

It is reported that companies had to know the importance of social media to gain more commercial benefits

#2: Strong relationship between influencers and communities

Developing intimate and meaningful dialogue with people is a good way for companies to have loyal customers. In terms of how brands choose social influencers, social media writer at men’s fashion retailer Sophie Hay said that instead of quantity, her company often looked for quality. They want micro influencers, who own a group of real loyal local audience better than those having large followings.

Mr Porter likes to work with creatives,  photographers and small influencers to offer new contents for their comeback/ Ph: Mr Porter

#3: Soft sale and hard sale

In Asia, social commerce takes a significant part in society, especially in urban China and South Korea. The growing development of smart devices and technology allows retailers to advertise themselves easily. However, brands of all types no longer want a “ hard sale” message anymore. The Wedding Shop perfectly exemplifies for this situation. Last week, they collected tips for success from its female partners in celebration of International Women’s Day with an aim to driving female empowerment.

In conclusion, 2019 is the year that witnesses a lot of changes in the state of social media in retail. Therefore, companies all over the world should update with the new trends in order to offer the best products and services to their customers.

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