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The first London Beauty Week

August 05, 2019

In this September, the global beauty industry will witness the launch of the first London Beauty Week. British Beauty Council and Covent Garden have worked together for this event.

London Beauty Week takes place in Convent Garden – London’s Beauty Quarter

The UK Beauty industry has developed dramatically. In 2018, people here spent about £3 billion on beauty products and about £6.3 billion on hair services. In 2019, the UK beauty industry is calculated to be worth up to £27.2 billion. Therefore, it is an ideal time for a new launch beauty event – British Beauty Week to celebrate the power of the British beauty industry.

London Beauty Week will last for a week in Convent Garden. Its launch illustrates a considerable growth of the British beauty industry. Convent Garden has always been a favourite destination for enthusiastic collectors of many British beauty product brands as well as other well-known brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, Nars, Deciem, Jo Malone London,…

This new beauty event will display the best British beauty products. Also in London Beauty Week, British Beauty Council and London’s Beauty Quarter Convent Garden will make their commitment to what they are going to do to improve the beauty industry’s influence in the whole industry. Add to that, the beauty event will concentrate on the future of the beauty industry and it also offers a chance for new beauty product to be launch.

The British Beauty Council is proud to collaborate with the Convent Garden to launch this meaningful beauty event. Beauty is one of the emerging industries and the major British beauty brands contribute greatly to the development of the UK economy. According to a representative from the British Beauty Council, they aim at supporting the UK beauty brands, reimagining growth in the global beauty industry via their three pillars, including reputation, education and innovation.

The British Beauty Week is an opportunity for the most influential brands to create new beauty trends, introduce the newest beauty products, host beauty clubs and beauty workshops. Besides, Britain’s Next Big Beauty Brand is also launched at the event. It is a competition aiming at supporting start-up beauty companies.

London Beauty Week is an amazing event which aims at enhancing the beauty industry’s influence. It will take place from 11th to 15th September. If you are a beauty lover, let’s join this event and don’t forget following Vuhes daily for more updates about latest beauty industry news.

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